Just What We Needed... NOT!

Okay, I apologize for the lame title/Wayne's World reference. BUT after the last 24 hours, I am not in the mood to be creative.

Please allow me to fill ya in on all the "fun":

Last night I rolled over in bed and noticed that the side of our bed was wet. We have a sift-side waterbed and it had sprung a leak. Not only had it sprung a leak, but we couldn't figure out WHERE the leak was as the entire shell under the water insert was wet!

LOOOOOVELYYYYYYYY! (Too heavy on the sarcasm???)

Anyhow, figuring that it had probably been that way for a while now and there was nothing we could really do in the middle of the night, we threw an old waterproof crib pad over the spot it had seeped through and went back to sleep.

Today I called several places and found that a lot has changed in 20+ years in the mattress business and nearly everyone has given up on selling water beds and soft-side water bed inserts.

GREEEEAAAAAT!!! (There's that darn sarcasm again!)


Mike got a fabulous tip from a friend that all we had to do is drain the insert, blow it up with a shop vac blower attachment and the air would force a little water out of the hole revealing the source of the leak.

Believe it or not, it worked! We patched the sucker up tonight and will attempt to refill it after 24 hours. WHEW!!!

Even though I was home most of the week, I am looking forward to the weekend. I would like to clean out under my bathroom vanities and inside the medicine cabinets. We have a school event to go to, a birthday party for our nephew (Happy Birthday Brayden!!!) and Santa will be in town this weekend for the kiddos. The vanities may have to wait a bit. DARN!

I'm off to bed now... well, to the air mattress anyway... to dream about my weekend and getting my heated bed back.


Scribbit said...

Our first Christmas together we stayed with Andrew's mom's place and slept on his old 80s water bed. The heater was broken and I frozen ALL night. The only thing that was there to keep me warm was the piles of dog hair. Evidently it had become the dog's bed since he'd been gone.


Stephanie said...

The heated part of our water bed I do miss. We still have a water bed but it is the tube kind, and they aren't heated! Glad you got the bed fixed!

Lisa said...

Hope you're able to patch the bed and are back to sleeping all comfy-like soon. :-)

Margaret said...

My ex husband and I had a waterbed for about a year or so. Since its Texas and impossibly hot, I thought "Heck, no reason to turn on the heater".... For three days I was in miserable pain ALL OVER.

I finally complained to the right person and my friend said "ummm..You need the heater regardless of how hot it is outside".

PResto. No more backaches.

So much for my "well it's really hot in Houston" logic.