WFMW: Taking Care Of You

As women, we are passionate and caring. Its written in our DNA. We are just nurturing creatures that will help when it is needed. We'll put a bandage on that fake boo boo and kiss it better because we recognize that even though the skin isn't broken, the ego may still be bruised or the soul may need reassured that someone cares.

All of that is good stuff. We are the menders of the fabric of life.

Sometimes, through all of this caring for everyone else, we forget or intentionally neglect our own needs. That is where the good stops and we can become resentful. Worse yet, we may not even acknowledge that we need some care of our own.

Today, I am not feeling well. The rush and bustle has finally caught up with me and I am run-down. I somehow thwarted my yearly, late-October allergy attack that leaves me with a two-week bout with laryngitis. I also staved off the stomach flu that went through several family members.

I work in the cafeteria at the school and one of my big problems is that I don't eat. I am not one prone to forgetting to eat. Call me whatever you want, just don't call me late for dinner. However, after staving off hunger while serving 300+ hot lunches, I sometimes won't eat anything until supper. By the time I pick Steven up, get home, feed our dogs and begin some household chores, it is time to start making supper and why bother eating at that point?

Sometimes I pack myself a lunch and sometimes I buy a lunch from the school, but those days are few and far between. This week, I am making it a point to take a Campbell's Soup In Hand with me, heat it up before I leave work and I will drink it on my way to get Steven.

Furthermore, I plan to give myself a little mani-pedi at home and maybe a facial. I am need of some TLC and I don't expect Estee Lauder to show up at my door to do it for me.

My advice for all of you- women, men, kids- to do something special for yourself this week. Make a habit of taking time for yourself and do something you've been wanting to do just because you deserve it!

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Mom2fur said...

You want to make sure you take a daily vitamin, too. It really does make a difference!
Feel better!

Stephanie said...

Sorry your aren't feeling well. Enjoy your pamper. You deserve it!

Margaret said...

Awwww.... you deserve a mani/pedi/facial and lots more.

Hugs (but not too close, I don't want your germies). :)

feel better...