A Family Affair

Saturday was a VERY Christmasy day.

I believe that I've mentioned before that I have 3 sisters. Well, between us (oh, and our husbands) we have 7 kids. Amazingly enough, at the moment there are none "on the way". That is, as far as I'm aware. Although Ea has been hinting like the dickens that Brayden needs a baby sister- so much so that Brayden told me that is what he wanted for his birthday last week.

Anyhow, we all (and by that I mean Mandy) decided to let the kids draw names out of a hat and buy gifts fro each other. This will lessen the number of gifts that they get on Christmas and it makes them think more about each other and not so much about themselves

We all headed out for MacDonald's for lunch.

We chose an area to sit and let the kids sit there as a group while the 4 of us ordered the food. As we were eating, some men who had been sitting nearby with their own kids came over and complimented us on how well-behaved the kids were while we were ordering. We were all very impressed and happy that they took the time to mention it. Mandy decided to treat the kids to an extra little gift to reward the kids for being so good that someone felt compelled to say so.

After we attacked the local Toys 'R' Us and everyone had bought their cousin a gift, we returned to my house to wrap and open. We had the kids all hole up in one of the bedrooms and we called them out two at a time to wrap. When it was all done, we called them all out and made them pose for a few dozen pictures while they drooled over their gifts waiting to be opened. :o)

Each child handed the gift they bought and wrapped to the recipient and watched them open. Then, it was a lot of prying and cutting toys out of their wire-tied, taped, hermetically sealed packages and a lot of playing.

After a quick supper of hot dogs and popcorn chicken (I'm quite the gourmet, you know), we all piled in our cars and went to the log cabin in town to visit with Santa. The kids each got to see the big man himself and each got a gift, book and a tote filled with markers, pencils and a drink cup.

Everyone had a good time and we made some great memories.


Mandy said...

What can I say? I can't help it I'm a control freak and have to be charge of everything:)

Margaret said...

If I had been there, all kiddos would have gotten water guns and nerf guns. It'd be a blast.

Can I come next time? hee hee hee.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great day. Am amazed at how you got 7 kids to sit still enough to take a pic. That's like a Christmas miracle in and of itself! :-)