WFMW: Dessert Party

I love going to parties and hosting parties. Going is always less stress than hosting, though. Even if the party is a potluck style, the Hostess usually has to provide the main dish and sometimes even sides or appetizers.

Years ago, I read somewhere about the idea of a dessert party. Its a great way to have a quick get-together after dinner on a weeknight or even on those busy, pre-holiday weekends. Guests bring a dessert of their choice and share with everyone. The Hostess only has to provide the drinks and plates!

I have a dessert party every Christmas for the families I babysit for. The kids love having a buffet of sweets in front of them! I even invite Santa and he always takes the time out of his busiest season to show up and surprise the kiddos.

I invite the families to come around 7 PM. Each family brings a dessert. This can be cookies, pie cake or whatever they'd like. I provide drinks- usually pop, coffee, milk and sometimes some eggnog- and I put out some chips and pretzels in order to have some salty to go with our sweets. That's it! Very simple and it leaves plenty of time for the kids to make some Magic Reindeer Food and visit with Santa.
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