Just One Of My Many Quirks

We were discussing movies at work the other day and I told the girls that I like to watch good movies over and over. If I really like a movie, I will often watch it as many times as I can to analyze it- the writing, the acting, the delivery of the dialogue, etc.

I also mentioned that on about the second or third viewing, I like to watch the movie by myself with subtitling. I turn on the closed captioning on my TV and watch intently to catch every word. (Movies today will be really loud and the next line can be nearly inaudibly quiet. What is the deal with that???) Anyway, they looked at me like I had coat hangers growing out of my ears. Am I the only one who does this?

I also love to watch DVD movies with the director or actor commentary. I like hearing all of the details I guess.


Margaret said...

i will watch movies ovder and over. sometimes I watch the director commentary.

But I NEVER watch the subtitles.

Maybe those are coat hangers coming out of your ears...

Stephanie said...

We always watch everything with the CC on. Picked the habit up when Eric lived with us. It really comes in handy when you are trying to watch something with the kids.

Tim is the one though who like to watch the commentaries and all the extra DVD features.