Yes. I Am Still Here.

I can't believe I haven't posted since Saturday!!!

I have been writing all kinds of posts in my head, but by the time I get home and get everything done around the house, get supper made and get everything ready for the next day, its bed time. Does anyone else have this problem???

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to having a long weekend!

I plan to take Friday (with no babysitting kids) as a day to get the basement in order. The thing is a mess!!! There are toys everywhere!!! When I was growing up with my three sisters, our basement was filled with skates, Cabbage Patch Dolls and baby beds. Now I have two boys and the basement is filled with Big Wheels, Tonka Trucks and action figures (read "boy dolls"). Not too far a cry from the olden days, but different.

I guess I'm going to use this post as a way to organize my thoughts and prepare.

Plus, when Friday rolls around and I can't find the list I made, I can look back on the ol' blog and remember what I want to accomplish. :o)

Here are some of the things I want to get done on Friday:
1- Go through Christmas decorations and figure out what to put out, what to store away for another year and what to get rid of.

2- Defrost my freezer!! For the love of Pete it is FULL!! And if Mike gets another deer this weekend (gun season opens here) I am in BIG trouble! It really needs emptied and rearranged. When I packaged and froze his deer from a couple of weeks ago, I had to lay everything so that it would freeze flat and quickly. Now it is all over the place.

3- Purge some toys!!! This always needs done in one room or another, but I like to start with the basement because that will make room for the toys that will be coming from the boys' rooms to make room for whatever they will get for Christmas.

4- Organize my shelves. Mike built some shelves in the basement and they are really nice and they hold all of those plastic storage totes nicely... when the totes are PUT there nicely. When I just shove them in there or when I don't return the totes to the shelves after I take stuff out of them, it just gets MESSY!

WHEW! I will be one busy chick!

Who am I kidding? I will never get all of this done in one day. I am aware that I live in a fantasy world where my kids will actually LET me disappear into the basement for the whole day, but I can dream, can't I?

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