Post Thanksgiving Stress Disorder

Raise your hand if you feel like one of the Macy's parade balloons!

Me too!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you all had plenty to be thankful for.

Today is the day I'd like to start my "to do" list off and see how much I can get accomplished. My call is not too terribly much considering it is now after 10 AM and I haven't done a thing yet and I'm sitting on the computer blogging.

WAIT! I did manage to clean the windows in the living room. They get covered in fingerprints faster that you can say "sticky hands" in this house. The little girl I babysit loves to look out the window when the bus comes to drop kids off and whenever anyone pulls in the driveway. She also likes to press her face against the window now that she's tall enough, so I get little nose prints between the fingerprints. Lucky thing she's cute. :o)

I will get my freezer defrosted and organized today. I am determined to get at least that much done.

Some days I feel like the Swiss Army Mom. I feel like I can just do it all and I'm irreplaceable. Other days, I feel invisible and like no one appreciates a thing. Maybe I'm just moody... NAH! That couldn't possibly be it! ;o)

Today I feel like I can't motivate myself. I am off work, Mike and the kids are home and we are just enjoying hanging out together. There are Christmas specials on already (YIPEE!) and it is sunny and snowing lightly outside. While that freezer is defrosting, I may just have to bring up my Christmas decorations and take down my Fall ones.

Maybe I can convince the kids that carrying boxes of decorations up and down the stairs is a fun game. Hmmm.... That may motivate me right there. LOL!

How are you spending the long weekend?

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