Makes You Count Your Blessings

I told you about my Sister-in-law, Shelly, and her troubles of late.

Well, they keep on a comin'!

Let's rewind a couple of years...

Shelly and her family were on their way home from a not so great vacation to North Carolina on a dark and rainy night. It had rained for days and the ground was really soft. Long story short, a huge tree FELL ACROSS THE HIGHWAY right in front of them and two other cars!!! One car went left, another right and Shelly and her family ended up right between them.

Too bad they didn't know any Raleigh accident lawyers because it was 4th of July weekend and they had all sorts of troubles after that with getting service from their insurance company to getting a tow dolly to get their van home.

Since then, they have had one trouble after another.

This year alone, my niece tore her meniscus and her ACL which required surgery and therapy and numerous braces that they are still being billed for. Said niece also needs her wisdom teeth cut out which needs to be done before December 31st to avoid them having to pay their deductible all over again. Their oven has gone out, the washer pump needed replaced, the washer is leaking again, Shelly's husband's cell phone needed replaced, and NOW their hot water heater died.

Shelly had just called about getting insurance on it through our gas company. She is signed up, but can't make a claim on it because she hasn't received and paid the first bill for it yet. If that heater had just waited 3 more weeks!!!! Did I mention that it quit on the same day she was having a birthday party for my other niece?

(PS- Happy Birthday, Heather!!!)

Not near as bad as all of the other things, but irritating nonetheless, Shelly's dog puked on the carpet the day before the party. When it rains, it pours!

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Lisa said...

Holy cow. If she doesn't feel the need at least 3 martinis, she is a much stronger woman than 99% of us.