In Which I Attempt To Get It Together Again

My blogging and blog reading/commenting have been lackluster at best lately.

I miss doing my Make It From Scratch, WFMW and Nifty-Thrifty Thursday posts. I miss the people I have met through blogging and I miss reading all about the crazy things that happen to everyone all over the world. There is one friend who is having self-confidence issues and I wish I could reach right out and give her a huge hug. There are people looking for and moving into luxury homes and I love seeing the pictures they are posting! There are great tips and recipes and giveaways that I am dying to read--- I think I am blog-sick.

You know, kinda like homesick?

The cooler weather is keeping me in more and more these days and I am finding/making more time to sit at the computer and type and read. I feel the need to get back into the swing of things and do some real-life, actual, honest-to-goodness posts. As I was loading my washer yesterday, I thought of a few things I could post about for WFMW and I have a few posts saved for Make It From Scratch that I just haven't sat down and finished yet.

I'm confident that I'll be back to better blogging soon, but it will take some discipline on my part. Just like any other relationship, I have to make time for my blogging friends and family.

Wish me luck!!! :o)


Scribbit said...

Well if it helps, I've noticed your absence and missed you :) Though I completely understand how life catches up.

Stephanie said...

I'm actually looking forward to winter, and days inside because of blogging! I've been posting, but not visiting like I'd like, looking forward to catching up like you.

Lisa said...

Have been wondering how you're doing. This is a tough time of year. There's so much going on. Family comes first. That's the beauty of blogging. Everyone understands that and is happy to see you when you get back. :-)

Margaret said...

it's so dang hard to do it all...