Random Memories #6

This particular memory sticks in my mind just because of the trauma of it all. My Dad would have gone through the roof if it had been one of us girls who did this.

I remember one time when I was little that my parents had some friends over who had little kids. They were those kind of kids that only need be there for an hour and you are exhausted and your house looks like a war zone afterward.

One of the kids, we'll call him Billy, climbed the end of our set of bunk beds and shook them so badly that the top mattress actually FELL onto the kids on the bottom bunk!

Everyone rushed into the room to help and luckily no one was seriously hurt.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


Margaret said...

No, we used to stand on my canopy bed and hold onto the pillar/pole things and twirl down to the ground. We broke 2 of them. Then my father just sawed off the other 2. Ruined all my fun.

Rebekah said...

No. But I am waiting for a bunk bed accident