Busy Little Beetle Killers We Are

WHEW! I still haven't recovered from last week and this week has already started!
To recap the weekend a little:
We had some great chicken B-B-Q Saturday put on by our local Lions Club followed by (Mike's) Aunt Jo's pumpkin cake and ho-ho cake. YUM!

Matthew's team won their football game on Saturday afternoon! WOO HOO! He finally got to run his "Statue of Liberty" play. For those of you who don't know what that is, its a kind of fake pass where the running back comes up behind the QB and takes the ball from his hand as he reaches back to fake the pass. It was cute cause he's been waiting and waiting to run that one. Mike said he's never seen that play in a real game before- only in backyard football. LOL!

As a post script to that, all 4 of the squads in his league won Saturday! That's awesome!
Sunday, Mike had to work 8 hours, so I will not know what day it is all this week. On the upside, that means double overtime and that is REALLY AWESOME!

The boys and I got our grocery shopping done on Sunday while Mike was working. It felt good to get that done. I also bought a cute Vera Bradley lookalike bag for $8 at Dollar General. 8 Bones!!!

Here is the real Vera Bradley that mine resembles:

Other than that, it was laundry, dishes and cleaning what I could manage to clean. You all know how it goes, you clean one area and while you're off cleaning the next area, the first one somehow magically gets cluttered up again and "no one knows how it happened". Sometimes I want to toss it all in a trash bag and see if anyone actually misses the things. ;o)

We have a busy week ahead that involves filling and hauling a large Gatorade cooler to and from football practice each night. I know I got myself into it, but I know that these years are going to go too fast. I remember my Mom coming in to school for class parties and cooking meals for play rehearsals and always sitting in the stands and I want my kids to have those same memories.

Steven also has a field trip for preschool this week and he's so excited! They are going to an apple orchard and he can't wait! He's been counting the days since last Wednesday.

I hope to get some time to post and visit/comment tomorrow. Mike will be putting some stuff on the lawn to kill the grubs that have decimated our grass.

Warning... beginning of rant. Skip to "end of rant" if you so desire.

You know, its funny how we are the only one of our immediate neighbors that has actually planted and cared for our lawn. The people to the left and right of us have 2 acres of weeds that are rarely mowed or trimmed yet we are the ones who have huge areas of dead grass running together all over the place. The thing is that grubs like grass and not weeds, so our yard is the one that gets eaten and killed.

Here's a little tip for everyone: DO NOT BUY THOSE BEETLE TRAP BAGS!!! The only thing they are good for is attracting the darn things! We know this well since our neighbors put them up and the stupid beetles stop by and eat all of our plants and lay eggs in our yard on their way to the bags!

I don't mean to be mean if you actually buy those bags, but you may be causing more damage than anything by buying them and I'm just here to help, people. :o)

So my neighbors' are blissfully ignorant of the fact that they have just cost me $125 in grub killer and will cost me about another $300 in grass seed (to replant what the beetles ate) and a preventative treatment for our lawn in the spring. Thanks guys! :o)

End of rant. Thank you for your patience. :o)

I am off to de-stress (read "eat chocolate and veg out in front of TV") and prepare for tomorrow (read "make 3 lunches and find everyone's things for them"). I could really use some beauty sleep (read "a LOT of beauty sleep") right now. Have a great night!


Lisa said...

Now whenever I see those beetle traps, I'm going to be thinking of YOU. heehee.

That's so cool that you're so active with the kids' extracirriculars. They will have some wonderful memories someday. :-)

Mandy said...

aren't grubs those things that moles eat? We have tons of moles! Ea said to get grub killer and it will get rid of the moles! I definitly need to try something!

Margaret said...

i think we ARE related...cause we have the same yard problems.