Hubby Would LOVE These!

Our garage has always been rather neat and tidy. It is full of the usual garage-type things; cars, toys, tools, lawn care items, etc. Everything is easily accessible to those whomever may need it.

It would be nice to have some sturdy stainless steel cabinets lining the walls of our garage to store everything in. We could keep all of the toxic items (paint thinner, paint, bug sprays, pet care) in the upper cabinets and maybe even lock them up to keep little hands out of them. Hubby would have his workbench back to actually work on while keeping all of the essential items close at hand.

I would also like to treat Hubby to this stainless steel locker to keep his hunting clothes in.

In the garage. ;o)

I'm also seriously considering how fabulous these would be to have in the basement to store my craft supplies in. Now we're talking!!

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