A Great Site To Check Out

Year after year, I looked for a good place to get T-shirt Printing done when I was a more active member of our local historical society. They hold an annual event and we'd thought about doing a 5K run and giving each runner a t-shirt for participating.

The problem we'd always run into is that we are a VERY small group in a VERY small town and T-shirt Printing is not cheap. Not to mention the sheer number of shirts most places impose as a minimum. Even getting a sponsor for the t-shirts is nearly impossible.

I only wish I had known about T-shirt Printing from i-printforyou.com back then. They have low minimums (as low as 6 shirts!), reasonable prices for everything from t-shirts to polo shirts and they are members of the BBB reliability program.

A quick look of their site found it easy to navigate. further exploration found that they screen print and embroider along with printing on glass wear and plastic bottles. There are links to buy blank clothing as well. The "About Us" page of their website states:

I-PRINT FOR YOU.com is located in Southern California and is a Christian based company, owned by CROSS FOR YOU, created to provide a convenient way to handle all your printing needs at the lowest guaranteed price.

I think it would be neat to have a bunch of t-shirts made up for a family reunion, graduation party, VBS or a party for a teenager's sports team. It would be so great to have some shirts made up that no one could buy elsewhere.

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