90 and 102

Seeing as how its been slightly cooler outside than an oven on self-clean the last couple of days, I'm thinking that the heat has successfully fried my brain. It's either that or the fact that it's 5 AM... could be either one... or both.

Since I'm not a coffee drinker, I need a Coke!


The following post may or may not be coherent or very good.

You've been warned. :o)

My girlfriend was supposed to bring her kids over yesterday afternoon. Due to the heat, we decided to meet at our other friend's pond to let the kids swim. I was glad to be getting out for a while since the kids had been particularly crabby the day before. Matthew had been exceptionally difficult and moody which is not like him at all. He's usually very laid back and easy going.

I figured I'd pack up our lunches and we'd eat at the pond before swimming. It would have worked, too if I hadn't answered the phone while I was making lunches. I talked and talked while making PB&J Roll-ups for the boys, throwing in a corn dog for the girl I babysit and the makings for a chicken patty sandwich for me.

We loaded up and began driving. Just as I had passed the point of, "There is no way I'm turning around for that", I realized that I'd forgotten paper plates for us all, forks for our peach slices and a bun for my sandwich.

This is where lack of planning bites me in the hind end every time!

I had to stop and buy a pack of plates, a box of plastic forks and a package of buns at a small store on the way. Total: $4!!! UGH!

The only thing that made the extra $4 worth it was the fact that my friend had forgotten her paper plates as well and asked if I had extras.

Of course I do! I always plan ahead like that! Look, I'm organized and prepared for any situation. ***wink, wink***

After lunch and a couple of hours of swimming, we packed it all in to go home. As we walked to the car, Matthew asked me if I thought he felt warm. ***sigh*** The kid just spent 3 hours playing in the sun and 90+ degree heat with a bunch of kids and didn't say one word about feeling feverish until we are leaving.

He did feel warm, but who doesn't after running around in that kind of heat?

I decided to wait until we got home and he got cooled off a little to make final the call.

The thermometer confirmed that his temp was 102. ***sigh*** The poor kid gets dragged all over town, told to play out in the sun, heat and water and has a 102 fever. I felt so bad for him. I spent the rest of the day trying to keep him filled with Gatorade and giving him Motrin every 5 hours. He still feels warm this morning, but has shown no signs of getting worse. I'm guessing it's some kind of sinus cold since he's had some stuffiness and sneezing the last few days due to seasonal allergies.

Of course, this tale wouldn't be complete without telling you that we were supposed to be going to WV this weekend to visit friends. We've been waiting all summer to have a free weekend to go and boom! Someone gets sick.

And it has to be one of the kids.

No amount of ice cold Coca-cola can make a mom feel better about that.


Rebekah said...

I get so aggrivated when I forget stuff. Hope Mathew feels better.

Scribbit said...

A virus is guaranteed to mess things up. So sorry, hope he's better soon.

Margaret said...


Hope he's feelin better soon!