Where Has The Time Gone?

I can't believe I haven't posted since Saturday! WOW! Time is just flying by!

It's Tuesday, so make sure you head on over and check out the Make It From Scratch Carnival at Stephanie's blog, Stop The Ride. If you haven't joined before, consider giving it a try. You can make things you've made before and you can even submit older posts!

Some things on my list for future MIFS carnivals are window clings and ice cream.

Speaking of Stephanie, she has awarded me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award! WOW!!!! I've never been awarded any blogging awards before!! Thanks Stephanie!

You know Stephanie definitely rocks and since she's already been awarded with it, I can't return the favor by awarding her back. I need to choose 5 other bloggers that I think are worthy of such a cool title. Let's see...

Lisa is a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Many of you may know her as Midwestern Mommy. She has the best stories about her neighbor's dog and she's hilarious! Check her out!

Rebekah is a Rockin' Girl Blogger! At her blog, Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe, she writes about being a dispatcher, mom and wife. I love her stories about the kids on the "follow-wallow" (four wheeler according to her daughter) and her funny posts about what happens behind the scenes at the station.

Ann Kroeker is a Rockin' Girl Blogger! She's also an author, a runner and she's married to a 'Belgian Wonder'. She always has thoughtful and interesting posts about writing, people and family life. She gives great tips, too.

Margaret Sally is a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Check out her blog, Just Me..., for some great posts about her fiancee, their wedding plans and their new house together (and the neighbors that came with it).

Last, but not least, Vicki at Catching Light is a Rockin' Girl Blogger! She posts about her relationship with her family, God and "relations" with her husband in the barn. Make sure you knock before walking in there in the morning! LOL! She also takes the best pics!

So there are my picks for Rockin' Girl Blogger. Hope you visit them all and make some new friends.


Margaret said...

Thank you. :)

You rock too!!!

Margaret said...

Hey - I just wrote about you. :)

Ann Kroeker said...

Really? You really think I rock?

Thank you for this award. I do believe this is the coolest thing I've ever won in my life.

Rock on, girl!

Rebekah said...

Hey, thanks :) Just got back from vacation and catching up on blogs.
By the way, I love the salad recipe on fat bottom girl. Italian dressing on fresh summer veggies is the best