Extra! Extra! Saturday Evening Post

Okay, so it's not evening here yet, but it was a cute title and I've just spent 3 hours in the hot sun, so humor me.

And now... the news:


We arrived at Matthew's tournament game and learned that if they won, there would be another game at 3 PM today. I was not exactly psyched about the idea of another game in the 85 degree heat, but what redhead would be?
Our team was hitting the ball all day. Unfortunately, they were hitting it right to the fielders. They'd just stick out their glove and it would fall in. Our pitchers did great and our fielders did okay. It just wasn't our day.
The game ended when a couple of people questioned a strike call the ump made. It was a high pitch (over the batter's head) and the ump got mad and said the guys questioning had to leave the area. Then, he turned around and called out, "Game over."

I was unaware that there was even a conflict. There was no shouting, no foul language and no threats made... just 'game over'.

From what our coaches said, the ump should have given the men 5 minutes to clear the area, but he didn't. My opinion: the ump wanted to be done. He had umped the game before and was supposed to ump the game afterwards, too.

I don't think our team would have come back to win, but it was a rotten way to end the game.


In other news, there is a new family blogger in town!!! Aunt Cheryl has decided to join Tim, Stephanie, Kellen, Mandy and Me in the blogoshpere. This is becoming quite the family affair, wouldn't you say?

Cheryl's blog is called Mementos of a Military Mom. Please stop by and check out what she has to say. While you're there, leave her a welcome comment!


Margaret said...

The ump can just say "Game Over"??? What rule is that?

But unless Little League is different from major league baseball, i am thinking a pitch over the batter's head isn't quite a strike.

And yes, your neighbor's relatives are my neighbors. Party going on right now. Sigh...

Stephanie said...

That is bizarre! Hope Matthew wasn't too disappointed.

Going to visit aunt Cheryl now!