"...So Much Time, So Little To Do... Strike That... Reverse It..."

What a day this has been... what a rare mood I'm in... Sorry. I must be on a movie quote kick today. Just a testament to the fact that my brain is overloaded.

There are so many things I need to get to today. Maybe if I sort it all out here, I'll have more of a strategy. Strategy? What's that?!?! What a foreign concept!

We had our final day of Parks and Rec. today in which the kids all tie-dye shirts. It's a fun day, but what a mess! What makes it especially difficult is the fact that they use string rather than rubber bands making it nearly impossible for the younger kids to tie them tight enough if they can tie them at all. I ended up tying 3 shirts up for the younger ones.

I would love to have the kids make homemade window clings today, but it may not happen until tomorrow. That's going to be my MIFS for this week.

I have a few things to finish up before Applehead and his family come to visit tomorrow night and stay for the weekend. The kids keep asking if we can take them here or there and despite my many explanations that they are here for a wedding and there's a lot of other places they need to be, they keep asking.

I have 2 more loads of laundry that I'd like to get washed, dried and put away today. Will it happen? Only time will tell! :o)

I also have approximately sevenhundredeightythousandsixhundredninetytwo other things floating around in my head. Things such as:

~Where did all of this stuff in my fridge come from? It was clean last week, I swear!

~I need to get working on my cards for my Bloggy Giveaway.

~Can I hang my clothes on the line and get them dry before the rain comes again?

~I'll need to start buying school supplies soon.

~Call Mom.

~Who keeps bringing the same toy out of the bedroom and laying it on the table? I just put that thing away.

~Wash the kitchen floor.

My mind is a whirlwind, but that's no different from any other day. I just started off on the wrong foot this morning and I need to start over and get back on track. I think this post really helped me organize my thoughts a bit more. Thanks for listening to my babble!

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kailani said...

I think it helps to have some sort of list. It helps to get things off your mind. How many have you done yet? ;-)

Margaret said...

having never tie dyed a shirt - what do you mean: Rubber bands and string??

Also - what is this hanging your clothes out on the line thing??? :)