The King of, "What if...?"

Matthew is the king of, "What if...?"

He is constantly coming up with, "What if this?" or, "What if that?"

His mind is always working. He's always coming up with new ones.

A conservative estimate would be approximately eleven hundred thousand times a day!

Many of his hypothetical situations are completely fantastical, but there are a lot of legitimate situations as well.

Yesterday may have been the ultimate of the fantastical. We were waiting in the car and this was part of the conversation:

Matthew: Mom.

Me: Hm?

Him: What if... ummm...

Me: Rolling my eyes at the prospect of coming up with another creative response to one of these.

Him: Well, what if someone got a wish?

Me: Uh huh.

Him: (back-tracking to fill in the story of where the wish came from) Like a genie gave them one wish.

Me: Uh huh.

Him: Like they rubbed a magic lamp that they just found somewhere.

Me: Okay. They have a wish. More eye rolling.

Him: Well, what if they said, "I wish for stuff"?

Me: Can I put that on my blog?

Him: Grinning ear to ear, "Yep!"

Whose kid is this? He can't be mine because I have never, ever, ever said anything remotely that goofy in my life!

Sorry, Mom, you're not eligible to comment on this post. ;o)
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Mandy said...

He is SO your child! He acts just like you! So does Steven! Ha, HA, HA!

Margaret said...

Seriously - what IF you wish for stuff?

Anonymous said...

I think you might have a twin! Like Jason's mom tells Jarrett,Did your dad poop you out of his butt!