Fun With The Havenosenses

The Havenosenses are back from their vacation and are in full force.

It all started before they left for vacation- three weeks ago (cue dreamy flashback dissolve effect)...

Mommy and Daddy Havenosense ventured outside dragging a huge blue mass behind them. I knew in s moment it had to be the blue swimming pool they bought last year. I vividly remember when they first put it up lamenting to hubby that now we'd have to look at these people in their bathing suits. Anyways, they pulled it back out for the second half of this summer and that must have been too much exertion for them because they left it lay there for a week.

After they had regained their strength, they managed to drag the garden hose over to the pool and filled it up. By morning, much of the water had leaked out of the pool and there is sat for another two weeks while they vacationed.

In the mean time, Daddy Havenosense's father came over to mow for them. I'm not sure he got the memo on how to run their mower, but I don't believe he lowered the blade much or at all. The only place that it was visibly mowed was in the very back of the property where Daddy Havenosense can't manage to get the mower to go- even though it is exactly the same as the rest of the yard.

So the Havenosenses made it home. Vacation must have renewed their energy stores because they actually spent most of the day outside yesterday. Mommy H filled the pool and then mowed the yard (with Baby Sister H on her lap) while Brother H rode his 4-wheeler ... right behind her. Brother then zipped all over the yard at warp speed flying off of the 4-wheeler and rolling it over once.

Mommy H, in all her dim-wittedness, put Baby Sister H (all of 18 months old) down to run around. So here was Mommy H mowing, Brother H zinging all over the place and Baby Sister running wherever she pleases. A perfect recipe for disaster. Fortunately for the little ones, and only by the grace of God, no one got hurt.

So evening rolls around and I find out from Hubby that while I was at a meeting, Mommy and Daddy H decided to put the kids in the pool. You know, the one they just filled this morning? The kids screamed and screamed. I would too if I was tossed into water that hadn't even had 12 hours to warm up! Notice that it was just the kids in the pool, too. Mommy and Daddy H weren't venturing in there.

I feel sorry for Brother and Baby Sister. They have no choice in the matter and are totally unaware that their parents are complete idiots. Poor kids haven't got a fighting chance *sigh*.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for more fun with the Havenosenses.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I am glad we don't have neighbors, I can't wait to experience this firsthand!(not)

Rebekah said...

Tomorrow I am posting about a party our neighbors had over the weekend... the whole time I was writing it I kept thinking of the Havenosences.
I'll see you tomorrow to read more

Margaret said...

They are so related to my neighbors.

Margaret said...

they are SOOOOOOO related to mine.

Kokopelli said...

Mowing with a kid on her lap? That's crazy if not borderline abusive. I'm not joking one bit either.