It All Happened So Fast!

As previously announced, Tim, Stephanie and their family, Kellen, Lydia, Nolan and Vivian stayed with us for a the weekend. I can't believe it's over and neither one of us got pictures! We just kind of ran out of time.

It was a really busy weekend with Tim's brother Kent getting married and Delilah giving birth to her and Jake's third child, Avery Skye (click the link for the cute pics!). Congratulations to Kent & Kerri and Jake and Delilah. Welcome to the world, Avery! Also, Happy Birthday to my Uncle Jeff (or Feffer as I like to call him!)

Even though I was babysitting 3 kids- which along with Stephanie & Tim's 4 and my 2 made 9 total- Friday was a pretty quiet day. It was rainy and gloomy outside, but we made the most of it by making our own window clings. We waited patiently for news of baby Avery's arrival as well. The kids got along very well! Matthew and Kellen were joined at the hip any time they were in the same room together and the other 4 played everything they could think of from cars to building forts.

I hope Tim and Stephanie got to relax a little before the rehearsal dinner. I'm afraid I talked their ears off all weekend. I know this is a HUGE shock to you all, but I tend to go on and on and on. It was so nice to have some other adults to talk to, though. I live in a world of t-ball, Spongebob and board/card games all through the week. It was a very welcome change of pace.

Saturday we tried to take it easy in the morning with a smaller breakfast and larger lunch to try and hold everyone over until dinner at the reception.

Stephanie brought 2 bags of garden goodies with them! Thank you, Stephanie!!! There was squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans. YUM!!! I used the fresh tomatoes in place of canned for a batch of Chicken Wraps for lunch Friday. Stephanie snapped the beans Friday and we ate them with our lunch on Saturday. I'll be mixing the cucumbers up into a great side dish/salad alternative this week at my food blog, so keep an eye out for that.

The reception was a lot of fun and we found out that my new cousin-in-law's father was Matthew's football coach last year. Small world!!

The reception was also like a mini bloggers convention for Mandy, Applehead and his family and Aunt Cheryl. We were trying to figure out who will be the next to join our club! (come on, Mom, you know you want to!!)

The bride had the wonderful idea to have a kids' table in the back of the hall that had coloring books and crayons for the kids. She also had great gift bags for the kids that were filled with sports whistles, tops, glow sticks and all sorts of other goodies. It was a good time with great food!

We were really sad that the weekend had to end today, but Tim, Stephanie and the kids had to visit their newest family member and make their way back to the 100 Acre Woods. I hope we can do it again very soon!


Stephanie said...

We had a great weekend! Now I'm just trying to recover from it! :)

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

no, you didn't talk to much. We really had a great time.

Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed seeing Steph and Tim's kids! Such a beautiful family. I enjoyed seeing ALL the kids, actually, it's just that it had been a while since I'd seen the Appleton's.
Brandon's a character. I couldn't talk him into dancing with the bride for anything! He's so cute!

Lisa said...

Wow. You had a busy, busy weekend. And taking care of 9 kids? And you didn't lose your sanity? I bow before you!