Homemade Window Clings

Matthew and Steven had bought a kit for making glow in the dark window clings in Canada at the beginning of the summer. It was a cool kit and the kids were having so much fun making them. I decided that I'd look up where I could buy the refills. I couldn't find refills for our particular kit in the U.S., but I did find some kit that were more professional and WAY more expensive.

Then, I searched for recipes for making your own window clings and found that you can make them yourself with white school glue, food coloring and plastic sheet protectors! Perfect for MIFS!!!

You'll need:
An image- draw your own or print one off
Clear plastic sheet protector
White school glue
Food coloring
Squeeze bottles with fine tips or plastic baggies

Mix up your 'paint' using glue and food coloring. Make them as dark or light as you wish. Put paints in bottles or into a baggie and cut the tip off to make a drawing tip. Tape your image face down on a piece of plastic sheet protector and turn over.

Draw the outline of your shape with the color of your choice. Let sit to dry for 12 hours. Fill in the outline with the colors of your choosing. Let dry for 24 hours (more if it is humid). The colors will dry transparent and much darker than what you started with.

I mixed up red, yellow and blue. We still had glow in the dark window cling paint in the squeeze bottles from our kit (which I fully intend to reuse) and we were trying to hurry, so I let the kids paint the color on with brushes. That didn't work very well. The 'paint' beaded up on the plastic like water.

I decided that there was a reason that you should squeeze the outline on first (the kit used black), so I touched up one of the kids' clings with an outline of the black from the kit. Then, I drizzled the fill color in with a paint brush. Much better!

We'll be doing this again for sure! The kids want to make teacher gifts and gifts for friends with this recipe. I'd better start buying glue in bulk!

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Nan said...

Now that's a really cool idea, I sent it on to some folks who have kids and grandkids who might be looking for something different to do to fill these long hot days of summer! Thanks for sharing!