Fooling Myself

I am rarely late for appointments, but I am usually just right on time. For the moms out there, you know this means that you don't get in to see the doc when you were supposed to since you have to fill out paperwork each time you visit.

It is hard to get anywhere early when you have kids, let alone when you babysit and have even more kids to tote along or get another temporary sitter for while you're gone.

So here is my tip: Whenever I make an appointment for one of my family members or myself, I always write the time down 15 minutes earlier than the actual appointment time.

It really works, too. I usually make the appointments at least a month in advance and even though I do the same thing each time, I have never remembered that I padded the schedule. (Now you see how well my brain works?)

A bonus tip is to ask for the first appointment after lunch. The reason being that you won't have anyone else coming in late before you thereby pushing your appointment back. Usually when I arrive (early thanks to the tip above) the office is still locked up while the staff lunches. I might have to wait a few minutes, but it's time that I actually planned to have.

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Rebekah said...

LOL, I have tried that before but I remembered what I did....
I couldnt remember if my appointment was at 12 or 12:15... so I showed up at 11:45 and was actually 30 min early. I quit doing it.

kailani said...

I agree, the first morning or afternoon appointment is always the best ones!

Erna said...

Great idea! I've adjusted the time verbally for my hubby at times b/c he tends to like to get there right when the clock strikes "appointment time." LOL!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I also like to make my appt. right after lunch. The dr. doesn't have a waiting room full of people he's feeling rushed to see. An added bonus is the full tummies of my kids makes them less cranky.

Scribbit said...

Simple yet brilliant. LOVE it.