Why Does It Have To End?

It's always nice to come home again, but I'm sad to see vacation end. Thanks to Mandy for publishing my posts while we were gone.

We had a lot of fun and brought home a lot of fish for my freezer, so I'm happy. Just as a heads up, prepare to be inundated with vacation photos for the next few posts. It's my little blog version of vacation slides. :o)

Here are just a few and be forewarned that they contain fish, and yes, some were harmed/killed/eaten in the making of this vacation. Some of them were put back to be caught another day, too.

This is my hubby, Mike with a nice little Small Mouth Bass he caught. This fish was one of the lucky ones that got released.

This is Steven with a Crappie (pronounced crah-pee). This particular one was returned as well.

Here is Matthew with a Small Mouth he caught. I didn't get a great picture of it because it flopped non-stop.

Here is one of the Bluegill I caught. Fish like these aren't as lucky as those above. This is what we fish for and what my freezer is full of right now. We'd like to keep more Crappie, but we only caught a few of those this year. Bluegill are a great fish for kids to catch because they give you a good little fight without being too aggressive or strong like a Bass. They have a very mild flavor and aren't fishy-tasting at all. YUMMY!!

I'll be back on Monday to post about all of the other fun we had. Tuesday is Steven's birthday and we just had his party last night, so I'll be filling you in on all that this week, too.

Glad to be home!


Lisa said...

Hope the party went well.

Welcome back from your va-cay!

Margaret said...

I was very confused about you still posting stuff while on your vacation... Very confused.

Welcome back!!!

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

That's a nice picture of Mike, He's hot!

Mandy said...

Glad I was of some use! Maybe you should post some of your water pictures!