WFMW: Summer Car Essentials

What works for me this week is the stash of items under the seats in my car. Here is a list:

~ Towels. I keep at least 2 old beach towels in my car at all times. They have come in handy for unexpected downpours (we got DRENCHED once), spills, swimsuit-clad kids, covering hot seats, covering milk and other foods to keep them cold, to cover or wipe off bleachers at games, as a blanket fo the kids if it suddenly cools off and as a makeshift picnic blanket.

~ Bottled Water. These are perfect for washing hands, cleaning cuts and of course for drinking. I also keep a few of the new drink mixes made especially for bottled water with them. They really help if you get lost take the scenic route and there is nowhere to refill a bottle or buy a drink. They can be used for cleaning up with the towel in the event that someone gets sick, hurt or overheated. Bottled water is also a great thing to have when the kids want you to buy them a drink just as you are leaving someplace. You can jsut tell them you have water in the car.

~ Plastic Bags. I keep several plastic grocery bags and at least one large trash bag in my car. They are great for trash, wet clothes, dirty diapers, or when a bag from the store breaks. I used my large trash bag for an emergency poncho once and I also used it when my car broke down and I had to remove my CD's, jackets and our stadium blanket before it was towed.

~ An Empty Bottle. This is mostly for moms of boys and I've had to use this for both of them. It never fails, you are sitting in a drive-thru or you have just walked out of the store after being in there for 2 hours and they "have to go". I have tinted windows, so it's not so bad, but you could use the towel for cover as they... ahem... fill the bottle. The bottle then goes in one of the plastic grocery bags (to conceal the contents- eww!) and into the nearest trash can or until you can get it into to a trash can.

~Hand Sanitizer or Antibacterial Wipes. These are indispensible... especially after the bottle thing. Wash up before eating or after petting animals. You can also wash hands with the bottled water and follow with a hand-wipe or snaitizer for big messes.

I really use all of these items and even if it's only once in a great while, it pays to be prepared when the situation arises.

To see what works for others, visit Rocks In My Dryer.


Stephanie said...

The bottle! ROFL!

Scribbit said...

I always keep a box of baby wipes in the car, they're the most useful thing in the world!

Margaret said...

I also keep small blankets in my car. If they aren't good enough to be on a bed somewhere, but not quite bad enough to be trashed, they go in the trunk.

kailani said...

I definitely keep wipes handy in the car. They come in really useful, even for me.

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