When It Rains... Well, You Know The Rest.

Yes, this weekend has been just like the old saying goes. How ironic that Kellen posted about cliches the other day.

You know all about the faucet needing replaced, but not unlike the Energizer Bunny, the minor glitches kept going and going and going.

Saturday Matthew had a ballgame to make up for a rain-out. A friend had stopped by afterward and invited us to a cookout at their house that evening. I was not thrilled to have one more place to go with all of the things I have to get ready for vacation. It started raining and the neighbors called, but rather than cancel they decided to just cook on the grill and eat in the garage. Great. I thought we'd been let off the hook, but to no avail.

I decided that I'd better get moving on making my desserts for the cookouts we had on Sunday and Monday and ran to the local store for some overpriced milk and margarine. As I backed out of my space and shifted to pull forward, the car wouldn't move forward. I knew what had happened. I got out to confirm that my driver's side tie rod had broken.

By this time, it was a complete downpour- in more ways than one. I called my husband and after he arrived, I called AAA. They called for a tow and Hubby took the extra jackets I keep for ballgames and the car seats home. There was supposed to be a 30 minute wait for the tow, but it took an hour. I had the car towed home and Hubby ran for parts and fixed it up for me.

We ended up getting out of the last-minute cookout, but not the way we wanted to. By the time the whole fix-the-car thing was over, it was time to get the boys ready for bed. Hubby did make a ceremonial stop at the cookout as he took the car out for a test drive.

Sunday brought on a whole new set of adventures. My Brother in law had called Saturday evening and told Hubby his push mower broke and he wanted the one he had loaned (not given) us 5 years ago back for a couple of weeks. We took it back to him Sunday after church and went on a quest to find a new mower. Luckily, Hubby has connections and a guy he used to work with that just happens to fix up old mowers to sell lived nearby. We got a great deal on a similar mower that we won't have to return to the original owner in 5 years.

We then went to Hubby's cousin's house for yet another cookout that included swimming and fishing. I got more than one sorrowful sigh when I explained that I had packed the boys swimming trunks for vacation and didn't bring them. Bad Mommy! We brought their fishing poles and hadn't planned on staying long. The boys elected to swim (although Matthew did fish a little). I had an extra pair of shorts for Matthew, but Steven swam in his undies and had a ball.

We went home from there and got back to vacation preparations. We needed to hook up our boat trailer to the truck and make sure the lights were all in working order. Long story short, they didn't work correctly. I made a run for bulbs and electric parts cleaner. Hubby and his Dad got it all straightened out (it had something to do with the ground wire and not the bulbs).

Monday was very much a calmer day as far as unexpected adventures and problems, but we were so busy trying to make up for all the things we never got done over the rest of the weekend that the day slipped by fast. We did go to one cookout for Memorial Day and on the way home, we picked up our worms for vacation from one of the local bait shops. I got the boys clothes packed and I have started packing clothes for myself and Hubby. All that's left is all of our fishing gear, food, cleaning supplies, shoes and everything else in the house. LOL!

I plan to take today to finish up on all of the extras and cleaning my house. It's a true disaster after being in and out all weekend and it could really use a good cleaning. I don't want to come home to a mess.

Hope you all had a wonderful, problem-free weekend!


Mandy said...

I'm glad it's almost time for your vacation! Sounds like you need it! I'm glad I took today off from work to catch up on all the house cleaning around here! I better get started.

Margaret said...

You, my dear, are so tagged.... come visit me to find out! Have a super trip. You deserve it

Rebekah said...

and I thought I was busy this weekend.... enjoy your vacation