WFMW: My Favorite All-Purpose Antiseptic/Analgesic

A few weeks ago, I posted about making homemade ice packs. With summer nearly here, and since I almost always have extra kiddos around, I have first aid on my mind.

What works for me today is a little-known product called S.T. 37 Solution. You have to ask for it behind the pharmacy counter and not all stores carry it, so you may have to do some searching. It can also be found online at Amazon.

S.T. 37 is peroxide based and can be used topically (on the skin) or to swish in your mouth (do NOT swallow!). It numbs the cut, sore, burn or abrasion and cleans it out to protect from infection.

My SIL was told to get S.T. 37 by her friend when my niece once got hand, foot and mouth disease from a petting zoo. It helped ease the pain from her mouth sores so she could eat and it actually speeds the healing of canker sores and cuts without burning. We usually use it for cuts and scrapes at our house. It's really a very gentle product and one I can't live without!

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GiBee said...

Excellent tip! I'll be stocking up on this!!!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Wow...I've never heard of it, but sounds like it's worth the look. Thanks!

Melkhi said...

Thanks: I'm bookmarking this!

Scribbit said...

Oh gosh I've had a killer canker sore for five days now and I'm dying. I'll have o get some of that stuff.