A Trip To Cabela's Complete With Bigfoot (And It Wasn't Even Me This Time)

Last Friday, Everyone had the day off for Good Friday. DH had to take two of our pups to a guy near Cambridge, OH to be started. We thought it would be a great time to check out the Cabela's store in Wheeling, WV. We'd only be about 75 minutes from it, so why not?

What a perfect opportunity to try my hand at some of Vicki's spy techniques! She calls it her 'spyness' and it is contagious!

I guess I've always had a little of this in me anyways due to the fact that my friends and I used to sit around and take turns guessing what kind of underwear people walking by were wearing. LOL!

Anyways, when we sat down to eat at Cabela's, we were lucky enough to sit RIGHT NEXT to two gals I have dubbed "The Giggle Girls". They laughed the whole time. I think they were text messaging someone. I acted like I was taking a picture of the food on Matthew's face to snap this one. Ain't I sneaky????

Then, I turned and saw this next lady. I just imagine she was so excited to finally find that huge trout pillow. She thinks it will make the perfect gift for her grandson, but it will only drive his poor mother crazy.

Next were the candle shoppers. These two spent way too much time looking at the same candles over and over. I suspect they are sisters or best friends and they don't know when they'll use these candles, but they were such a good price that they thought they should stock up. They never burn any of their candles, mind you, but if they ever burn the ones they have in their candle sticks right now, they'll have some great-looking, bargain-priced candles to replace them with!

Okay, Can I tell you that when I snapped this next picture, I thought this was actually supposed to be caveman or Eskimo mannequin standing next to this huge tusk by the doorway. When I looked up from the camera, I realized it was a lady with a very long fur collar or wrap on.

Now for the VERY EXCITING Bigfoot sighting!!!

On the way home, we drove to Salt Fork State Park to find the public boat launches. We figured it would be easier to find them without towing the boat. On the way to one of the launches, we came across this next guy.

We busted out laughing and DH told me it would be perfect for my blog. He was so right!!! I love that they have a floodlight for it and the big cement footprints on the ground. Someone put a lot of effort into this! I only wish they had given him a little cuter face. It's ugly as sin!


scribbit said...

Isn't that funny how you think about life in terms of whether or not something is "bloggable?"

Rebekah said...

lol, great post 007. or what we say in dispatch land, double knot spy stuff

Margaret said...

I have not yet mastered the art of taking a secret photo of someone. I always think they know I am doing it so I just don't. And btw, what is Cabela's?