Posts To Come

I'm still here. Really.

We've had a busy week and I have tons of things to post about. I just haven't had time to, you know, sit down and organize it all into some sort of literary form. That could take days! Well, maybe I'll just try to slop it all down into a couple of coherent posts and go from there.

In all honesty, that may not happen, either. :o)

Here's a sample of what has gone on:

1. This week was Right-To-Read Week at Matthew's school. The theme was "The Kingdom of Reading" and they had many cool happenings! The Right-To-Read Week committee turned the school stage into a castle! VERY COOL!

2. I got to go on the field trip to Stan Hywet!!! I have actually started working on this post, but it may turn into a full series of posts because I love, love, LOVE this place and I can't quit rambling about it. (I know the fact that I can't quit rambling is probably a GIGANTIC shock to you all, but really I can't! LOL!) I even did a few things I shouldn't! Shhh!!! It's between you, me and the window treatments. 'keydokie?

3. DH had the day off today and we took a trip to Cabela's in Wheeling, WV. I stole an idea from copied emulated Vicki and her 'spyness'. I got a few pictures of people and made up stories. It is NOT hard to find interesting people at Cabela's! We even spotted Big Foot! No Kidding! :o)

So that's where I have been for the last few days.

I don't know how much I'll get to post over the weekend because I, you know, have a family and everything and they keep wanting to do things like "eat" and "wear clean clothes" and "bathe" (Can you totally see me doing the Chris Farley "fingers in quotes" character? 'cause I totally am!). How's a girl supposed to blog express her creativity interface with the world with all these ludicrous demands?!?!

OH! don't forget that I am hosting the 8th edition of the Make It From Scratch Carnival for Stephanie while they are strolling the beaches and shaking sand out of... well, pretty much everywhere. The carnival will be posted at my new food blog, The Fat Bottomed Girl on Tuesday. If you want to enter, you can submit a post (new or old) about anything you've made from scratch. It didn't have to turn out perfect and you can determine what "made from scratch" means for you. Go here to read about the carnival and email me your post or go here to submit your entry. Let's make a good showing so Stephanie will be totally impressed with our carnival prowess!

I hope everyone has a blessed and happy Easter weekend. Safe travels! I will be thinking about you all!

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