Holy Saturday, Batman! It's Snowing!

That's right... snow!

The temperatures have been hovering around freezing and it has snowed off and on all day. And my favorite part is the gusting winds- like 25 MPH. LOVELY!

The historical society in town had an Easter egg hunt today in the park. There we were at noon, hiding over 2000 eggs, stuffed animals and toys in a white-out wondering if any kids would be showing up at 2 PM.

Fast forward to 2 PM- there we were, in our snow pants and stocking caps, hunting for Easter eggs and toys. About 100 kids showed up and our town only has about 800 residents. Not too bad if you ask me. All-in-all it was a success.

Fast forward to 7 PM. We went to mass and it was beautiful. DH's cousin's daughter was baptized, made her first communion and was confirmed during the mass. She is 14, her family doesn't attend church and she made the decision to be baptized Catholic all on her own. I think that says a lot about what type of person she is. I am so proud of her!

The family all headed out afterward for dessert. I wasn't too keen on eating anything let alone dessert after 8. Let me tell you, they really had to twist my arm to get me to choke down that carrot cake *wink, wink*! I have seriously considered having zippers implanted in my thighs so I can forgo the formality of actually having to chew and swallow. I hear that kind of activity can actually burn calories and since hitting 30, my body wants no part of burning calories of any kind.

So now we are enjoying the silence (other than, you know, the keyboard clicking at break-neck speed) while the boys are asleep and awaiting their Easter morning surprises.

I am thankful that we are going to be in no rush in the morning. We have nowhere to be except together at home until noon. Ahhh! Relaxing with DH and the boys... sounds like bliss to me!

Happy Easter!


Mandy said...

Yum! Carrot Cake! I'm not even 30 yet and my body wants no part in burning calories! I made some tastey sugar free dessert for today. See ya for dinner.

Michelle said...

I love carrot cake! I so should have go one of those for Easter dessert! Oh well. And snow on Easter? That has to be some kind of record huh? I can't even imagine an egg hunt in the snow.

kailani said...

That must have been pretty funny to see everyone dressed in snow clothes and looking for Easter Eggs!

scribbit said...

I too am a fan of carrot cake (I've retyped the word three times, evidently I love it but can't spell it too well) :)