Steven-isms #5

Last night, after the boys had been put to bed, DH and I were talking and Matthew (8) came out of his room.

Matthew: Mom, I'm trying to get to sleep and Steven is in his room singing TNT and it's keeping me awake.

Yes, that would be the AC/DC song, TNT. Steven has got to be the only 4 year old on the planet that knows all the words to that song. I totally blame Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 on PS2.

Whenever we reach the end of a story, Steven closes the book and says, "Bee End."

According to Steven, he needs to shave his 'wixers'; otherwise known as whiskers.

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Mandy said...

Steven is the funniest. Brandon liked to sing AC/DC's Thunderstruck but he would sing ThunderRock! He always gets the words in songs wrong but he loves to sing.