Random Memories

All of these random memories keep popping into my head lately. My best guess is that it's from posting about my Mom and my three sisters.

Most of the memories that pop into my head are mere moments and don't really have any big story to go along with them. I don't feel they merit a long, glorified post when really a few lines will convey the thought.

These moments shall henceforth be known as Random Memories. (Didn't that sound intriguing and fancy? *wink*)

Keep an eye out for them as our family is filled with all sorts of interesting characters!


Margaret said...

Great idea...its reading other peoples blogs that gets the random ideas popping into my head. Do you mind if I copy your idea? i never thought about posting my random thoughts....

Mandy said...

Good gravy! I'm half afraid to read now. Just remember, I have a blog too(wink, wink).