Stacy is my baby sister. She is the fashionista of the four of us. She's not really consumed by fashion all the live-long day or anything, but she always has something stylish on.

Stacy was born in August. She had a head of tight, curly jet-black hair. She was also a little jaundice and had very narrow eyes. She kind of looked like a mix between Asian and black. This is not profiling in any way and it does pertain to the plot.

According to Mom, it was a busy time for the hospital; there were 3 nurseries full of newborns. Some of the mothers had decided to help the nurses out by getting up very early and feeding their own babies. After having 3 little ones already at home, Mom knew better than to turn on the light and wake a room full of newborns. She scanned the bassinets for the one with black, curly hair and took her out. As she left the nursery, she was accosted by a black woman who immediately accused Mom of trying to steal her baby.

Mom looked down and had, in fact, wheeled out the wrong baby. She tried to explain the hair similarities, but I'm sure that poor lady still has nightmares about the little white woman who tried to steal her baby in the wee hours of the morning at the hospital.

Oh, right... Stacy.

Stacy's curly hair stayed just that- curly. She hated it with a passion, but it was SO CUTE! She now thrives on her flat iron to tame her coif each day. As a matter of fact, I've heard her say that in the event of a fire, she'd grab her kids and her flat iron. I kid you not.

When Stacy was about 2 or 3, she had REALLLLLY bad breath for about a week. I remember her running to Dad when he got home from work- he picked her up, made a face and put her right back down. Mom suspected an ear infection and took her to the doctor. He looked up her nose and found a piece of foam stuffing. It had come from the wing back chair in our living room. Stacy used to climb up the side of it and hang there so much that it had ripped at the seam and a piece of that foam had gotten stuck up there making her breath terrible.

One time, Mom and Dad were talking and one of them said something about "divorce". Stacy, who had been sleeping, popped her head up and said, "I want a horse, too!" A few days later, my teacher called Mom asking about a story I had written about the "divorce" situation. Apparently, I thought it was so funny that I used it in a school assignment. Mom was thrilled.

I guess it's just as bad that I'm now blogging about it.

Stacy is ultra funny. She would pair up with Ea and they would either do something so corny you just couldn't help but laugh or they would do something so gross you just had to laugh.

Stacy is 5 years younger than I. She used to stand beside me in front of the mirror and tell me how pretty I was and how she hoped she'd be as pretty as me one day. *sigh* Too bad those days are gone!

Stacy and her husband Mike (not my Mike... I hope!) have 2 daughters now, Madison and Audrey. Madison has the same exact hair Stacy had when she was little. She looks a lot like Stacy did, too. Audrey is a little strawberry shortcake; she's got RED hair and dimples for days.

Stacy has really grown up from the little squirt that admired her big sister in the mirror, but she's still a great friend.

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