Ea is the third born in our family. Her real name is Andrea and Mom wanted to call her "Andy". Mandy had trouble saying Andrea, picked up on the ending and just called her "Ea" (pronounced EE-uh). It stuck. In high school, my friend and I had this one kid convinced that her name was "Eeaden" for about half of our Senior year.

Ea is a real joker. Pair her up with our youngest sister, Stacy and you're in for a laugh a second! It may be from the two of them sharing a room together for so long, or it could be that they butted heads really hard at some point, but they are always laughing hysterically at something.

Ea has a tendency to make things up. She doesn't do it on purpose... she really thinks some of this stuff happened. She'll tell a story that no one else in the world remembers and we all kind of look at each other puzzled. We call it her "false past". She is fully aware of this. We think it may have been the result of an alien abduction, although she has never mentioned any 'probing'... yet.

When we moved back to Ohio and into the house that Mom lives in now, Ea was swinging a baseball bat in the empty house and cracked Stacy square in the forehead. She was okay. It was hilarious!

Ea is a great softball player. (Actually, all of my sisters are good at sports. Me not so much. I was a cheerleader. Nuff said.) She bruises VERY EASILY and usually had bruises all up and down her legs from being catcher. The bruises would also last forever.

I remember Ea hiding in the cupboard when she was little. She would steal the sugar bowl and hide in the cabinet to eat it.

I also remember Ea having convulsions when we were little. Her temperature would spike out of nowhere and Mom would have to either put her in a bath tub with cool water or give her a cool-water enema. Once, she had one in a store and they had to call the ambulance.

We were playing hide and seek one time and Ea crawled under Stacy's bed and fell asleep. Mom almost called the cops when she couldn't find her.

I was talking to Mom about Ea this morning and she told me about the time we had just moved into our house in St. Louis. Mom had the windows open while she was upstairs and heard Ea (I would guess she was about 7 at the time) threatening to hit the new neighbor kids with a chain from the garage. LOL! I think it may have been so traumatic that I blocked it from my memory. :o)

Ea is now the mother of my littlest nephew Brayden. He won't be little for long, though and that is a big concern because his favorite thing to do is yell, "Hut, hut", run into people and fall down. Soon enough, he'll be the one knocking people down! He has Ea's eyes.

Ea also says the funniest stuff, none of which I can repeat on this family-friendly blog. Let's just say that if anyone else were to say some of these things, they'd be considered gross or grossly inappropriate. Ea just has a great sense of comic timing and the way she says things is just right.


Tim said...

I didn't about the convulsions. Pretty funny post...

Mandy said...

Ea is also very easy going. She doesn't let things bother her like the rest of us do. She is also my partner in crime. Ea and I do just about everything together. You also left out the part where she anoys all the neices and nephews to no end. Great post!

Samantha said...

lol she sounds very much like my sister :)