Random Memories #2

I used to have a pair of cockatiels named Salt and Pepper (NOT named after the female rap 'sensations'). I taught them to whistle for the dog. At the time we had a beagle named Poky (absolutely named after the storybook character) and it drove him CRAZY! He was an outside dog and he'd run around and around the house stopping at each door to see who was whistling for him.

Share your own random memories in comments!


Mandy said...

Maybe your next random memory shoul be what the birds did everytime we had company! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Alexandra said...

I played with little animals dressed in clothes instead of Barbies.

They used to sell these little mice in the 70's on the east coast. They were all dressed up in various outfits...they were covered in rabbit fur(I think), and you could purchase mouse houses for them.

I spent hours playing with them from fourth grade through sixth grade. Then I got my friends into it, and we built little hotels and shops, and had a whole soap opera/drama going every weekend with these animals.

This was all before cable T.V. and computers, so we had to use our imagination to have fun.