Of Allergies and Ammonia

Did you ever have one of those days?

You know, the kind that make you feel like you've been hit by a Mac truck and almost make you wish you had?

That was my day today.

Seeing as how the weather in Ohio has actually warmed above freezing within the last two weeks, my allergies are acting up. Since my 30th b-day, I have noticed that my regular allergy attacks have switched from getting laryngitis every spring and fall to getting laryngitis, stuffy head, watery- eyes (I'm talking Niagara Falls, people), AND a healthy dose of back ache.

So, my back is aching and the schools finally start calling me to sub in the cafeterias more. No biggie because I am fully aware that I will be bent over a sink for at least 2 hours. Today was different.

I was called two weeks ago to sub for today from 8:30 to 1. I found out we were serving pizza made by the local pizza shop which means that the shop delivers the pizza to us ready to go.

Knowing that the head cook in the kitchen is not one to allow idle hands, I figured I'd be doing windows. Windows was the usual when I subbed in the kitchens 3 years ago.

I figured wrong!! Hoo hoo hoo was I wrong!

I walked in to the lovely aroma of ammonia.

Mrs. Z explained I'd be scrubbing the ovens... all 5 of them. Big. Industrial. Convection. Ovens.

They had already begun scrubbing the racks.

We opened the first oven to reveal the ammonia-soaked towels Mrs. Z had placed inside the night before. Who needs sinus meds with that, right? Whew!

I'll spare you the details of scrubbing, but I will say that I never want to see another Scotch Brite pad in my life! I can still smell nothing but ammonia and I even cooked bacon for supper. I am actually still dizzy, too.

Oh, and my back? NOT GOOD!

I'm stiff as a board and creaking like Great-grandma's porch rocker!

I'm off to lay down in my recliner and I may not move until tomorrow or next week.


AMANDA said...

Ouch, what a day. Hope tomorrow is better and you enjoy the weekend.

Michelle said...

Cleaning ovens is one of my least favorite chores! When I had my house I made sure to get a self cleaning oven! And I am sure missing it now! Hope your feeling better soon!

Stephanie said...