WFMW: Love, Sweet Love Edition

Today Shannon is hosting the Love, Sweet Love Edition of Works For Me Wednesday. Click on over there to see more tips or to post your own.

What works for me in the LOVE department are several things, so I made a list. Most of these will work for your spouse or your kids.

1. Love notes in their lunch or snack. Just a little smile for the middle of the day. I find that the kids enjoy jokes. I find a lot of mine here.

2. Foot rubs. DH especially likes these.

3. Let the kids pick dinner. My 9 year-old son actually likes to cook once in a while. He's a whiz with hot dogs.

4. Lay out their clothes. I know it sounds silly, but when I am folding clothes, sometimes I lay out DH's clothes for after his shower that night. It might not be much, but its one less thing he has to do before getting ready for bed.

5. Buy something special just for them. Sometimes I buy a flavor of something or a food that one of the kids likes just for them. They do not have to share these if they don't want to.

6. Share a special treat with them. I will often give one of the kids a piece of candy and tell them not to tell anyone. They can eat it in their room so no one sees. They think they're being sneaky and feel special because its only for them. If they brag to their siblings, they won't get them anymore. Especially nice if they had a rough day or a hard test or something.

7. Light candles during dinner. We have 2 kids, so we light 2 candles and let them each blow one out after they've finished eating. It makes the everyday meal feel more special.

8. Tell them how you feel. It doesn't have to be a sonnet. A simple "you mean everything to me" can really make someone feel great.

9. Make a big deal over them. When the kids bring home a drawing or really good paper, I show it off to everyone. we make a big deal about putting it on the fridge and I often take a picture of them with it.

10. Make their favorite dessert and tell them you made it just for them because it is their favorite. Ever hear the saying about the way to their heart is through their stomach? It is true.

So there are some ways to show your love everyday. I tried to keep them inexpensive and practical. These are things we do to make each other feel like we made the extra effort just for them. Don't forget to leave a comment!


Susan in va said...

This was great! I also do the foot rubs - it's EASY for me and it means the world to my DH.

And the part about letting one of the kids sneak a piece of candy - I do the same thing! With the same rule - it won't happen again if you tell your brother!

I don't know why I haven't thought of lighting a candle for each kid! All this time I've been lighting one and each night letting a different child blow it out - tonight I'm lighting THREE!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for this reminder. I used to leave notes all the time but have gotten away from it. Also thanks for the joke link, I will put this to use

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I love pratical, doable - this is just great. Simple, inexpensive (or free) ideas we can all do today/tonight. I plan to pick one from your list. Thanks!

scribbit said...

And I can appreciate a good corn dog every now and then. Especially with mustard. NO KETCHUP.

Taya said...

Great tips! I'll have to remember them! Thanks for all your wonderful comments! Have a great day!