WFMW: Easier Snow 'Shoveling'!

While clearing our driveway during yesterday's snow storm, I thought about using our secret method of snow-removal as my WFMW post.

We have used our push broom for a few years now and, provided the snowfall isn't especially icy or sloppy, it works wonders! We have a gravel driveway and concrete walks, and it works equally well on both. The push broom is so much easier on your back and knees and I personally think it works much faster.

Its best to start when the snow is freshly fallen. That's when its most powdery. Here's a picture of DH and Matthew. DH is shoveling the snow and Matthew is following behind him to "clean up" the overflow from the shovel.

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Nikki said...

GREAT TIP! I love it. I'm going to try it today.

Karly said...

And here when I think of easy snow shoveling it involves sitting in the warm house with cocoa while a neighbor boy (or my husband, I'm not picky) gets to work outside shoveling the snow. ;)

Amy said...

How great! We moved into a house with a gravel drive this year and I've been wondering how we're supposed to shovel the snow. I love your broom idea!

Sara said...

Great idea! If we ever have snow again this year, we'll try it. Mostly it's freezing rain and ice.