Stick A Fork In Chivlary! It's Done!

We're in Northeast Ohio and in case you live outside the U.S., we are in the middle of our first blizzard of the season. Actually, this is more like a 5-year blizzard according to one forecaster.

It all started in the wee hours of the morning. DH's alarm came on to the local radio station and while I was still dreaming of knocking Simon's socks off in my AI audition, DH heard that the two largest school districts in our county were called off. DH left for work a little early just in case it was worse than it looked. It really wasn't too bad at that point.

By about 10:30, we had a few inches and I'd heard that there would be sleet and freezing rain moving in sometime during the afternoon or evening. Glad they narrowed it down to a 12 hour window for us. Anyhoo... I thought I'd be nice and shovel the walks and driveway. Right about now, you're probably thinking that I'm the greatest wife in the history of forever and you're right. :o)

When I was about half-way done with the driveway, our neighbor comes out on his 4-wheeler plowing his driveway. He was facing the other way, so he didn't see me until he was at the end. We waved the friendly neighbor wave and he proceeded to the house across the street.

Herein begins my beef.

Residing in the house across the street is a young couple and their children. The husband works second shift. Second shift = HOME DURING THE DAY! His car was in the driveway and everything. He finished their driveway in about 2 minutes. I had less than their driveway left to do on mine by that time and the 4-wheeler pulls up to the end of our drive.

He makes small talk, backs up, puts the plow down and proceeds to plow the mound left when the town plowed the road... and drives off down the road!!!!!!!! What the...?!?!?!

Now, had he actually offered to finish the drive for me, I would have said, "No thanks. I'll get it. I'm almost done." I would have been fine if he'd taken that for an answer and THEN drove off; but he could have at the very least offered.

Our driveway is over 120 feet long, so it took about an hour from start to finish. By the time I was done, there was a fresh inch of snow on the front walk. ***sigh*** At least that was 3-4 inches less for DH to do when he got home from working all day.

DH got home, bundled up and went out to shovel our drive again (hint, hint to lazy neighbor). After a lecture from DH for not helping me earlier, Matthew helped him, too. (In all fairness to Matthew, I had babysitting kids who needed someone to keep an eye on them while I was outside for an hour, so I didn't ask him to help shovel.) It was really cute and I even got a couple of pictures which I'll post tomorrow as it fits right in with my Works For Me Wednesday post that I was writing in my head while I cleared the driveway.

So chivalry may be dead in my neighbors, but at least my DH and Matthew have plenty.


Samantha said...

No fair...I wish I was as crafty as you (pertaining to the vest!!)

Georgia is in mourning because chivalry is dead here too...LOL

Rebekah said...

Just catching up on my reading. Chuck has a snow plow and salt spreader so I didnt have to shovel. Look at it this way, you sure got your aerobic exercise in that day :)