Family Weekend and What's Up With Grandma?

We've got a busy weekend ahead. Matthew's birthday parties will be taking precedence over blogging, so I'm not promising any fabulous posts for a couple of days. I know, I know, all ten of you will no doubt be completely lost without my stories. Make that nine of you because my sister who reads me will be here and she'll get her fill of my rambling while she's here.

Can I ask you all a question? (I guess I just did.) Anyhoo. Do those of you with siblings have the problem of someone always getting left out of the loop? In our family, there are 4 of us girls and I swear that our Mom will tell one of us the latest scoop 4 times and think she has told the whole group. Seriously! We've learned to recognize Mom's crooked grapevine and if we hear something more than once, we call or email each other to find out who doesn't know yet.

For the most part I am the one who gets left out or is the absolute last one to find out because they all live in the same town. I'm the outsider that gets skunked on the latest dish because you have to dial a whole extra number in front of my phone number to call me.

It took me over a week to find out about my cousin's crazed ex-girlfriend stealing stuff from my Grandma's house. I found out about my other Grandma's need for foot surgery the day before it was scheduled. I think that "scheduled" is the key word there in that the perfect strangers at the hospital knew about it before I did. Her own favorite Granddaughter- okay, 'favorite' is my word, not hers- but you get the idea.

I am almost certain that one day I'll be talking to one of my sisters and it will go something like this:

Me: So what did you guys do over the weekend?

Sister: Well, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's and then we all went out on Grandma's yacht. It was really fun and you should have seen...

Me: (interrupting in shock) WHAT? When in the world did Grandma get a yacht?

Sister: Oh, Mom didn't tell you? See Grandma and Renaldo were in Florida last month and...

Me: (interrupting again) Florida? No one told me that Grandma was in Florida! And WHO the heck is Renaldo?

Sister: Grandma's boyfriend. They've been dating for like 3 months.

I would not be surprised one bit! Well, I would be a little surprised at the yacht thing considering the only body of water near them is good old Salt Creek (pronounced 'crick')and ain't no yachts on that thing.

So am I the only one who has this problem? Do any of you feel like the whole world finds out your family's personal info before you do?


Milehimama said...

Oh yes, this happens in my family too. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters, and two of my sisters and myself would watch out for each other. Starting a month before any major holiday we'd start calling each other -"So, have you heard any plans for Christmas?" "Has Dad decided what to do for Mom's birthday?".
Now I'm in a different state and am the last to hear anything at all!
My favorite was the time my mom planned a recepetion for one of my babies after the baptism - and forgot to invite me and the baby!
Mama Says

Mandy said...

Don't feel bad! I'm the last one to find out before you. Usually I find out from Ea because I hardly ever see Mom even though I live .45 miles away. Then if I find out you heard it before me I REALLY feel left out(HA,HA,HA). Most the time Jason knows stuff before me.

Samantha said...

Okay, it's quite opposite in MY family! Everyone calls ME first to find out whats going on, or expects ME to call everyone else and let them know if something is happening! It gets quite frustrating LOL

Rebekah said...

In my family I am the youngest so I was always getting told last, or not told at all. We all live in different Cities/States. When my dad was sick I talked to mom and made sure she called me about things. I called her 1 or 2 a week too.
In Chucks family I never found out anything unless I call his mom and they dont make plans for anything until the day before or even 1 hour before.

Stephanie said...

We never hear anything. If any of the stories are about the side of the family we share, I have not heard them!

Your mom should start emailing the news that way she could tell you all at the same time!:)