Weekend Update With Heather

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't be posting this weekend due to the festivities for Matthew's birthday, but I am bored couldn't stay away from my dear friends for another second.

Matthew had his basketball game today at noon and it was a close one. His team is undefeated, but their best (tallest) player and another good player weren't there. The games consist of 6 6-minute periods and the usual routine is to have 2 5-player groups that rotate. One group plays periods 1, 3 and 5; the other plays 2, 4 and 6. With 2 missing, Matthew played 1, 2, 3 and 5. He did really well. I was really hoping he'd score, but he missed a couple of shots and assisted on another. I was proud of him since this is his first year.

My Mom took both boys home with her for the afternoon and I headed home and to the store to prepare for the 'par-tay' tonight. Surprisingly, I finished everything before everyone arrived. I didn't go all-out like I usually do, but we had a great time.

The kids played mostly in the basement and Matthew and his cousin who is the same age were joined at the Gameboy all day. They have a cord that connects their two gameboys together so they can play head-to-head and I think they wore it out.

The adults gathered in the living room to chat. Since this is family friendly, I will just say that we laughed and laughed at what was on my sister's cell phone- that her boss sent her. Woo! I am glad my 14 year old niece was in the basement with the little ones! My other sister, Mandy(who actually reads and comments *hint, hint Ea and Stacy) was blog-talking with me for a while. She said I should blog about how our Grandma somehow didn't get the message that the party was tonight. I guess I'm not always the last one to know.

My 2 year old nephew must have liked the cake because he squealed, "Ooh!" when we served it to him and he polished off his whole piece and then ate 3/4 of Matthew's piece, too. I guess it tasted better than the candle he chomped on after the birthday song.

Matthew loved his gifts! He got a camo jacket, a Walmart gift card and 2 different Pokemon games for his Gameboy. He was even nice enough to let Steven play one while he played the other. He's the best big brother!

I am proud to say that we got through the evening sans fat lips. It seemed like that was the norm for a long time. One of the kids would usually bust a lip trying to get up the basement steps too fast. My 5 year old niece did hurt her finger, but after flipping the bird showing it to us, and an ice pack, she was fine.

Tomorrow will be a calmer crowd, but a more complex meal. We're frying fish we caught in Canada, so I have a slew of slaw to make and some fish to take out of the freezer. I'll be up to my elbows in fish skins and bread crumbs for most of the afternoon, but MIL and SIL are coming to help bread. DH ran to the grocery store today and picked up some frozen, breaded shrimp to throw in so we don't have to shell and de-vein shrimp along with breading the fish.

Its off to bed for me now. I'm ready to crash! Have a great Sunday!


Samantha said...

I went to a birthday today too, my nephew turned 2. It was a little more hectic than yours sounded LOL I definetely came home with a headache!! *hugs*

Good Grief...you should see the word verification I just had to type so I could leave this comment LOL

Mandy said...

I sure am glad we had hot dogs. Don't think the fish thing would have went over very well(yuck)! You planned the perfect meal for our side of the family.
P.S. Brayden has the same cold Brandon has. Hope the boys don't get it.

Lisa said...

Fish and slaw? (Mouth watering) Do you need any helping eating that? Cause my son and I? We could be right over. :-)

Happy birthday to your son!

scribbit said...

"A slew of slaw" That must be a technical cooking term. Like a peck of pickles or something :)

audioslave said...

lol its a great post