Here are a couple of funny items that Steven has come up with in the last couple of days.

~While scratching his head, trying to choose a new video game from staying dry several nights in a row: "Hmmm. My brain just hatched an idea."

~At 6 AM today, completely out of the blue: "Mom, you know what we should do? Get a landscaper."

Me: (smirking)"What for?"

Steven: "You know, we don't have a garden to grow corn and tomatoes... like Grandma and Papa do." I have no idea where this came from since we even did our landscaping ourselves and that was before he was born.


Samantha said...

LOL@the landscaper comment...at least he's trying to grow vegetables to eat!

Lisa said...

Too funny. Looks like you might have a nice summer project idea there....

Stephanie said...

You've been busy posting the last few days! :)