Its A Movement!

Katherine and Laura have started a great movement in the blogosphere! The clouds have parted and the angels are singing! This will make all our blogging/commenting and replying so much easier!

Please join in by signing in and editing your profile to "show email address". It will make it SO MUCH EASIER for everyone to reply to your comments.

I have my own little suggestion to add. If you don't already publish your blog to an RSS feed, change your settings to "yes" for that. I have found quite a few great blogs that I really want to read more, but I cannot subscribe to them because they don't publish to the RSS feeds. It really saves time for people to read through bloglines or other subscription sites and I'll admit that if you aren't publishing to an RSS feed, I don't stop by very often. Not that I don't want to, but its so much easier to if you pop up in my bloglines every time you post.

Spread the word and let the blogging fun begin!


Rebekah said...

Im not sure about the RSS feed and subscribing. I tried to read about it on blogger this morning but it wouldnt let me

Samantha said...

Help me! I dont know how to subscribe to an rss feed...lol

Katherine @ Hillcrest Women said...
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