Catching Up

WHEW! It feels like I haven't posted in a week!

I took the day yesterday to catch up on a few things:

~I made cards for Erna- post to come.

~I did some housekeeping things I really needed to catch up on.

~Made my Make It From Scratch carnival entry- post to come.

~I completed a few things that have been on my to do list for a while.

I let Steven take over the computer yesterday. He played Starfall, Nick Jr. and Disney Channel games. I had to pry him away a few times to, you know, eat and everything.

He is at a new stage where his hand-eye coordination, comprehension and learning ability are coming together and he gets so excited when he figures out how to play a game on his own. He has always been independent, but he no longer has to rely on Matthew or anyone else to navigate him through a game or around the computer.

Matthew has his last Upward basketball game today (can you hear Handel's "Messiah", too?). I almost hate to see it end because he's had such fun playing, he's really improved and they're undefeated so far; I am ready for a small break before baseball, though.

I'm glad I'm just ready for a small break because about 2 days ago, he brought home the sign-up form for baseball. Sign-ups are this weekend and next weekend. He moves up a league this year, so let's just hope practices don't start right away. I'll admit, though, that it will be nice to move to the outdoors.

Speaking of Matthew, I was thinking that he doesn't get as much press here as Steven does. I'm certain that it has everything to do with the fact that Steven is home with me most of the day, but it's more than that. Matthew is just a quieter kid. He is very self-sufficient and self-motivated. He's not the performer and, frankly, class clown that Steven is.

I do have a great little item, about a teachable moment I had with Matthew, to post that I hope to get to later today. Check back for that.

Well, I need to get a move on here. Hope that catches you up on all the non-excitement around here. Have a great Saturday!


Rebekah said...

you're not the only one that feels one kid gets more press than the other. Gracie and Caleb are just more social and talkative. Josh is quiet.
We are getting ready for baseball too. I'm looking forward to warm days in the bleachers

Mandy said...

We signed up for baseball two weeks ago. I've been letting the boys play catch in the living room and Jarrett's been pitching. Can't wait to get them outside for practice. The one thing I can wait for is the boys being on two seperate teams. Last year we got lucky and they moved Brandon up a league but I don't think that will happen this year.