A Bit About Poo

No, I'm not talking about that willy, nilly, silly old bear from the A.A. Milne books. I mean the real thing... poo.

Steven is potty trained , but he still needs help with the wiping part. Per my request, he announces before he goes into the bathroom that he's going poop. He would often go while I was outside and would then yell for me until I came back in. You'd better be ready when he tells you he's going because it takes all of 3 seconds and he has a 'creation' for you.

I'm telling you, he really amazes himself with his poo prowess.

He'll often yell, "Wait till you see this!" The line he's most famous for is, "You won't be disappointed!"

Some of the other comments he's made:

"It looks like Jimmy Neutron's hair."

"It looks like a fish."

"Look, this thing is gigantic!"

The other night he was totally in awe of himself. He could hardly contain his excitement and was holding himself up with his hands on the seat like a gymnast on the parallel bars so he could see.

"Hohoho, MOM! You won't believe this!" He went on, "It's standin' up all by itself!" (Well, I was glad he wasn't holding it that way)

By the time I got in the bathroom, he had me doubled over in laughter and my eyes were so full of tears that I couldn't even see. I had to compose myself and I confirmed that, yes, it was indeed standing up by itself. In his eyes, it was as if he had accomplished the impossible and brought it to life.


Stephanie said...

Maybe we shouldn't get him and Nolan together! I'm scared of what else Nolan may learn!:)

Rebekah said...

LOLOL...keep this one and read it to him at his wedding rehersal! Gracie calls her poops "ribbits"... long story

Anonymous said...

LOL . . . the joy of boys. Well, we'll see what Rachel does when she finally starts going on the potty. :)

JD said...

I am going through the same excitement here. This is hilarious!

scribbit said...

How funny. Growing up we called it "gunky" which I've never as a adult yet admitted. What a word.

Margaret said...

Oh dear lord - is this what I have to look forward to if/when I have kids???? And to think I have said many, many times that I'd prefer a boy over a girl...