100 Things About Me

I have noticed a trend of "100 things" for bloggers' 100th posts, so this is mine. Let me know what you think!

100 things about me.

1. I was born in Millersburg, Ohio- the heart of Amish country- in 1975.
2. I was adopted by my Dad before I was 1 year old.
3. I have 3 younger sisters.
4. We lived in Fredericksburg, Wooster, and North Olmstead in Ohio.
5. When I was about 7, my Dad got transferred for work and we moved to St. Louis, MO.
6. Actually, we moved to Alton, IL. first; when we found a house, we moved to St. Louis.
7. We moved to St. Charles a year later.
8. When I was 12, my Dad was killed in a car accident and we moved back to Ohio.
9. One day, my Mom told me that my Dad wanted to see me.
10. I thought she was out of her gourd since he had, in fact, died.
11. I was then told that the Dad I had always known was not my real Dad and my real Dad lived right near my new school.
12. I have never tried to contact him.
13. I also have a half-sister and brother by him.
14. I met my husband to be when I was 20.
15. I knew he was the one before I ever even spoke to him.
16. Our first kiss was on a hayride.
17. We were married a year later.
18. We have 2 wonderful boys.
19. Our sons will be the only ones to carry on his family's name.
20. I love to sing!
21. I have been involved in over 20 theater productions.
22. I stopped performing in theater when I found out I was pregnant with Matthew.
23. I miss it, but my family comes first.
24. One day, I hope to return to the stage.
25. I love it when DH takes me to Karaoke.
26. He teases me, but I know he likes it when I sing.
27. DH and I are total opposites.
28. I love to draw and I can copy almost any cartoon character.
29. I love to paint.
30. I love to stamp/scrapbook.
31. I can crochet.
32. I cannot knit, but I'd like to learn.
33. I love to write.
34. I love to read and learn anything new.
35. Both sets of my Grandparents ran coon dogs in field trials.
36. So did my parents.
37. So did my DH before I met him.
38. When I was in first grade, I told my Mom that I was going to marry someone who ran coon dogs.
39. We own 7 Beagles now. 5 at our house, 2 at my In-law's down the street.
40. I have 3 moles below my sternum that make an "L" shape.
41. I used to joke that I would have to marry someone with the last initial "L" because of it.
42. Ironically, my last name begins with "L" now.
43. I grow my hair out to donate for wigs for kids with cancer.
44. I have never permanently colored my hair.
45. I have only permed my hair twice that I can remember.
46. I don't like anyone playing with my hair, even to cut it, except DH.
47. I have a mohawk in my baby picture and I am scratching my head because of the hairspray.
48. I loved being pregnant.
49. I only got sick 3 times while pregnant with Matthew.
50. I was sick for months while pregnant with Steven.
51. I love to cook and bake.
52. I love to eat.
53. I am not a big drinker, but I enjoy beer when I do drink.
54. I actually met my DH in a bar, but I couldn't tell you the last time he went to one.
55. I love to be busy with projects and planning things.
56. I also value my alone time.
57. I am a night owl and I am most productive in the evenings.
58. I am NOT a morning person. I am much better off (and so is everyone else)if I have a little time to wake up before I have to deal with anyone.
59. I don't like coffee. I prefer tea.
60. My favorite beverage is Coke.
61. My favorite meal is a steak (rare) with fries and a salad.
62. I am not hard to please.
63. When I was in high school, so many people would stop by our house on Friday nights that we started keeping count. On an average Friday we'd have 30 or more.
64. My class' "Senior Skip Day" was a "Q" (barbecue) at my house.
65. I have been a council woman for about 6 years.
66. I am the youngest member of our council.
67. I love to watch movies.
68. I hate going to the movie theater.
69. I used to clean the 10-theater complex nearby on weekends alone.
70. The smell of movie theater popcorn nauseates me.
71. I could tell you some disgusting things about what people leave in movie theaters (shudder, twitch, twitch).
72. I really enjoy watching comedies and romantic comedies.
73. I also love watching Saturday Night Live.
74. I'm usually asleep by the time SNL comes on, so I watch the reruns on Comedy Central.
75. I really enjoy stand up comedy.
76. My favorite candy bars are Twix and Snickers.
77. My favorite candies are Rasinettes and Rollo.
78. There is a chocolate factory in the town we vacation in. It has an outlet store that I love!
79. I have large feet. Size 10.
80. I also have really long toes. My second toe is as long as my pinkie finger.
81. I can wiggle my ears.
82. I love little kids. I like to make them laugh.
83. I like to make funny faces at kids to see them smile.
84. I love dogs.
85. I don't like cats. I like other people's cats, but I wouldn't want one.
86. I am superstitious. This may explain the cats thing.
87. Because of my superstitions, I freak out when a bird gets in our garage.
88. I also do a lot of tossing salt over my shoulder.
89. I also knock on wood A LOT!
90. I also believe in ghosts and the supernatural.
91. I love our house. We built it in 1999 and did a lot of work ourselves.
92. I am a real homebody.
93. I get really nervous for weeks before we go on vacation or even away for the weekend or a day.
94. Despite the anxiousness, I always have a great time when we do go away.
95. I have been like this since I was little.
96. I think this is the first time I've ever mentioned this particular anxiety.
97. I am always writing songs/movie scenes/plays in my head.
98. I rarely write them down.
99. I am really enjoying blogging.
100. I hope to blog for a long time to come.


Melanie said...

This is such a cool idea! We are a lot alike...well, except for the coon dogs thing, which is hilarious! I also knew my hubby was the one when we first met. I think that is such a cool thing.

Thanks for sharing the smiles. I'm blogrolling you. :)

Rebekah said...

I love reading peoples 100 list. It kinda brings "bloggers" to life. We do have some things in common. My 100 isnt too far off. Hmmm, I need to start thinking

Rebekah said...

Oh I forgot to ask... what exactly is 'blogrolling'??

Melanie said...

Heather- I think there are two Melanie's. The first one wasn't me, although I do enjoy your blog. :>)

Ami said...

I don't usually stick around to reall all 100, but I did with yours. I was "stuck" on yours when you told of your two dads. Wow! Thank you for sharing!

Stephanie said...

100 already? It seems like you just started blogging! How time flies!

Heather said...

It does seem like I just started blogging. I guess I really enjoy it because I've posted nearly everyday and some days, I've posted twice. I actually hit 90 days on last Sunday, so I average more than one post per day.
I'm glad you all enjoyed my quirks! Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Cyndi said...

This was so fun to read! We have #81 in common... I can wiggle my ears. :) I love beagles! Someday I want one. I adore my little weenie dog, but he doesn't sing with me like I know a beagle would...

owlhaven said...

Fun list! I lived in St. Charles between 1970 and 1982!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Very nice. there were a couple things I didn't Know. I will try to come up with some things.

mandy said...

Bryers makes a really good twix icecream. Brandon and I had a bowl last night. Then Jason came home at 6 in the morning and woke me up to ask why i left the icecream on the counter. I guess I'll have to buy it next week. Maybe not though, I only got it because it was on sale at walmart.

Heather said...

I probably should have included in my 100 things that I am not a big ice cream eater. When I worked at Hartzler's Dairy, I had to test the custard everyday for quality and I actually dreaded it. It was only about 2 tablespoons, but the thought of eating ice cream everyday just did NOT thrill me.
Of course, since I am now aware that there is actually an ice cream with Twix in it, that may all change. :o)

scribbit said...

I like feeling as if I know you a little better now--you sound like quite a talented and energetic person. A councilwoman? I die for popcorn, it's my favorite snack. And I have to ask about coon dogs--beagles? I'm not too up on the terminology.

"J" said...

# 89. I also knock on wood A LOT! I do too!!!! lol =)

61. My favorite meal is a steak (rare) with fries and a salad.
Me too! I would rather have it with a baked potato =)

53. I am not a big drinker, but I enjoy beer when I do drink. I love beer!!! =) I don't care for mixed drinks! Well, maybe a bloody Mary!

52. I love to eat. ME TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

39. We own 7 Beagles now. I want a beagle!!!!!!

So there ya have it! You and I have some things in common!!!! =) lol

I like reading people's 100 things!
I'm here from the contest just looking around!!!

Danka said...

Wow! We are so similar! I can't wait to read more of your articles!