What's In Your Library?

Island Girl posted this book meme and even though I don't get to read many books anymore, I love to read. I thought this would be fun and it's different.

Grab the book closest to you.
Open to page 123 and find the 4th sentence.
Post the next 3 sentences on your blog.
Name the book and the author.
Tag three people.

The book closest to me is actually not one I've read. It's part of a trilogy given to me and I'm just not a big romance novel reader. I've had it for about 5 years and this is the first I've even cracked one of them. This is from Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts, the third in the Irish trilogy:

"We were standing over his grave and she took my hand. She said what came from me would journey back and make a difference. I would be proud."

I'm going to tag Stephanie (I'm interested to know what books she reads), Sam (if she has any books at work with her) and Delilah (I only half know her according to her quiz, so this should help). Let me know if you choose to do this, too. I'll come visit. Don't forget to leave a comment!


Stephanie said...

What me read? Love to, but don't very often. There was a book sitting on my desk, I picked it up and it only has 116 pages. I am not currently reading it, but have before. It is nonfiction by Watchman Nee. I'll post something tomorrow.

local girl said...

I've read a few Nora Roberts book but not that one. I guess I have to add it to my "must read" list! Thanks for playing along!