WFMW: After Christmas Ideas

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that I'm full of useless information. Once in a while, though, I will pass on a gem of an idea that can actually prove helpful. Read on to find out what is floating around my head for the moment... After Christmas Ideas!

Tip 1
Do you have a full stocking on Christmas morning?

I'll bet there are many, many people out there who don't.

I never thought much about it until my oldest son noticed it one year and commented.

Now, every year, I have a full stocking.

Santa fills mine, but some people exchange stockings with friends; others will exchange with their spouse and some will fill their own.

If you want to do yourself a big favor, start buying things to fill stockings now.

I know a lot of people do shopping after Christmas for wrapping paper, ribbons and tape, but how about those stocking stuffers? Wouldn't it be nice to have that portion taken care of?

I suggest jewelry, ornaments, office supplies, holiday note pads, lip balm, nail clippers, hair brushes, tooth brushes, small toys and basically anything that is non-perishable or that won't grow bacteria like make-up and lotion. Wrap them up and separate them into plastic bags (Ziplocs work wonders) that are marked wither with names or with a code name for each person.

Think about how much that will knock off your list for next year! PLUS, if you fill your own stocking you'll be surprised at what you got! I can't even remember what is in which package a few days after I've wrapped it, so this really works for me!

Tip 2
Copy your lists over now!

I always have a little notebook with my Holiday Control Journal Information in it. This year, I bought a fat little notebook that I can keep in my purse for Christmas.

I have now copied my lists over in it for next year. I have pages for:
Family to buy for
Teachers to buy for
Children to buy for
Others to buy for (boss, pastor, mail/paper carrier, etc.)
What size are we? (size chart for my family and nieces/nephews)
Food I made this year to take places
Food people brought to my house
I have also written in a few things that are bought already. DH's family often splits in on gifts for family friends and certain relatives. My MIL has already bought a couple of gifts for them and I have bought a couple of things for teachers and miscellaneous gifts for next year. They are all written down.
I will keep this notebook in my purse so 1) I don't forget where I put it next year and 2) so I can buy items on vacation or as the mood strikes.
I'm facing facts that this probably won't get me much further ahead for next year, but it's one less thing I'll have to do all over again and I'm doing it while it's all fresh in my memory.

After Christmas Planning works for me! To see more WFMW posts, or to add your own, visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer!
I don't really have any other news, but I thought that was a nice little segue, don't you agree?
I just knew you would!
The boys and I had a lovely day together yesterday. It was Matthew's last day of vacation, DH had to go back to work and I only had to babysit in the afternoon for a couple of hours. We picked up McDonald's for lunch and took DH's truck to the dealership for an oil change and to eat while we waited.
side note: I managed to dress us all in hooded sweatshirts yesterday. Usually I dress us all in the same color (NOT intentionally! I have been mortified more than once when I get somewhere and realize what I have done.), but this time it was type of clothing.
As we sat down to eat, Matthew noticed the matching hoods and the boys proceeded to put them on their heads. This is when I noticed I had one on, too and became mortified once again. Steven's shirt lifted up whereupon Matthew immediately reported that he could see Steven's underwear sticking out. Apparently this is THE FUNNIEST THING EVER to eight and four year old kids. They burst into hysterical laughter! I'm glad the dealership wasn't too full of people.
Ever ready to keep the laughter going, Steven jumped out of his seat and began a rendition of what we call his "tushie dance." It's really a sight to behold. He bends over sticking out his little tush as far as he can manage and moves absolutely every part of his body EXCEPT his tush which remains sticking out directly at you as you watch.
As you can probably guess, people started walking through trying to contain their snorts and giggles. I could only laugh along with them and hope he'd be done soon. There's no stopping the boy mid-tushie dance.


Larae said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing! Happy New Year =)

Overwhelmed! said...

I think my New Years resolution for this year is to get all my Christmas shopping done by November. :)

Thanks for your tips.

Samantha said...

I think your kids and my kids must be secretly related? LOL My girls do the booty dance which consists of hands on the hips, booty shakin', and heads moving in circles LOL Please dont ask me where they got that, it certainly wasnt ME!

Stephanie said...

Tushie dance? so funny! I do the same thing with clothes. We will be out and about and suddenly I will notice we are all in the same color. weird!