Tackle It Tuesday: Computer Stuff

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I know the title is vague, but there were several things I wanted to do on my computer that I finally sat down and did.

1. I finally subscribed to Bloglines. I have been reading a lot of blogs and checking out new ones as often as I can. For other newbies, like me, Bloglines lets you 'subscribe' to blogs. It will list them in one column (your personal blogroll) and you can easily see which ones have been updated. It saves you from having to click your way through a favorites list or your own blog's blogroll. This is SUCH a time saver!

2. I deleted a bunch of sites from my 'favorites' list. Now that I have all my favorite blogs on Bloglines, I didn't need to have them in my favorites anymore. Plus, there are just some sites that I don't frequent anymore. It's nice not having to scroll through a million and one favorites!

3. I copied a bunch of photos to a disk. Backing up these things is really important. I don't want to lose them. If you aren't sure how to do this, check out this site. It explains it really well. You can also store photos in a free Yahoo! email account. My girlfriend tipped me off to this one. It's easy to access them from any computer through Yahoo!

4. Refill ink cartridges. I hate doing this job, but its so much cheaper... I mean cost effective!

5. Vacuum out the keyboard. It needed it really bad!!!

So that's what I tackled for this week. Not much, but it makes me feel much better having it done!

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One of my hobbies is hair. Not styling or cutting hair, but growing it.

Let me first assure you that I am not some weirdo who keeps a bag of hair and nail clippings in my closet. My hair grows really fast and it's red (strawberry blond), so I donate it to Wigs For Kids. When blond hair is dyed red, it fades really fast, so they love getting natural red hair.

I like keeping my hair long so I can put it up in a ponytail or in a twist. I don't like to wear it short because I have to get it cut about every 2 to 3 weeks (seriously) just to keep the style. I despise anyone playing with my hair or brushing it for me or washing it for me, so having it cut is like torture!

That doesn't count the time I cut my own hair when I was 5, Mom. That was really fun!

In the past, I have had my hair cut pretty short so I could have enough to donate. It looks okay short, but the problem is that it takes twice as long to grow it out because I have to let the style grow out first and get the hair all to one length. It wasn't so bad when they only required 6 inches, but now they want 10. That's a lot of hair!!

It has taken me 2 years to grow it out from a very short cut to what it is now. Now, it is all long, but it needs the dead ends trimmed so it is all even. I measured it yesterday and the shortest length is 18 inches. I'm going to get it trimmed and letting it grow just a little more so I can get it cut in a bob next time. Then I won't have to wait 2 years or more to be able to donate it again.

University of Florida 41, Ohio State 14

Unless you live in some alternate universe, you probably know that the Bucks lost last night. I'm bummed! I stayed up till the end, the guys went to bed early. Lightweights! Okay, it might have had something to do with the fact that Matthew is 8 and we made him go to bed and the fact that DH is working 10 hours a day right now.

It's funny how DH and I differ in the way we watch sports. He is the first one to abandon ship when something goes wrong in the game. He's so negative! He's a huge Browns and Ohio State fan, but one bad drive, make that one bad play and he's cutting them out of the will. Where's the loyalty?

I, on the other hand, take a more positive approach. I am a former cheerleader, so I guess it's my nature to try and keep spirits high. The Buckeyes gave up, but I am still happy that they got there and they really had a phenomenal season! We also beat the tar out of Michigan which was a true #1 / #2 match up- none of this computer crap.


Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

Bloglines is great - but I did not see a link about how to copy photo's though I know how - just thought I would mention it! :) Sounds like you got a lot of your computer work done! YEAH!!!

Erna said...

I think it's great that you have subscribed to Bloglines. It sure saves a lot of time. The only issue I have is it is way too easy to sign up to too many blogs. So many great blogs! So little time! :0)

Heather said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I fixed the link.

I know what you mean, Erna. I'm getting a long list already!

Gina said...

I need to have my resident tech help (Husband) show me how to set up Bloglines. I have so many bookmarked that I don't even know what I have anymore.

Crystal Unrau said...

I spent my day doing computer stuff for my tackle to, lol - you have quite a list of accomplishments!! Way to go!

Heather said...

It is amazing how many of us forget that our computer also needs TLC. After organizing my favorites last week I was astounded at the difference it made. Great tackle and thanks for stopping by.

As a reply to your comment...Don't forget, they also make great "pop-guns" for GI Joe, I lost an entire box that way when my older two sons were 4 & 5. I had to snake the toilet about 5 months ago when the baby made "grenades". LOL

Samantha said...

Just stopping in to say howdy!
It takes my hair forfreakingever to grow! It's reallllllllly thick, and I made the mistake of cutting it short when I was pregnant, and I'm STILL paying for it! It's right now just past my shoulders :( When I was younger, I had hair down past my hiney!! *hugs* Happy Tuesday :)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Sounds like you got a ton done! Great work!

I totally could use my keyboard on my laptop to have a little vacuuming too.