NOT for PETA members!

When I logged on this morning, I was suffering from a case of bloggers block. I decided to visit my blogroll to catch up on what everyone else was up to first.

Sooo glad I did!

The theme of the day is birds... well... things that fly anyways... or flew at one time (hence the title).

When I was little, we lived on a small farm. By farm I mean we had a house, barn and chicken coop all on our property along with a small patch of woods and a large vegetable garden. We had all sorts of animals, horses, pigs, turkeys and over 100 chickens.

I have lots of great memories of playing outside or in the barn and visiting the horse stables next door. My sisters and I were very much tomboys and we couldn't wait to get dirty or muddy or wet. Many of the things we did were because our Dad would convince us it was fun first. Then, he and my uncles would snicker away as we did whatever 'fun' activity they had suggested.

For example, one of my favorite memories is when my Dad and Uncle John cut the heads off of the chickens and our job was to chase the headless fowl, catch them and bring them to Mom who would scald and pluck them.

Believe it or not, this has really prepared me for motherhood. I can recall many, many occasions where I could compare catching a chicken with it's head cut off to snagging one of my boys as they run through the house, plopping a flopping chicken into boiling water to trying to get a wriggling 3-year-old into the tub and cleaning up the blood to, well, cleaning up blood.

Sounds funny to say that was one of my favorite memories, but it really was a fun thing to do. Much more so than polishing Dad's tools- one of the ways we got to 'help' him in the garage. I am SO not kidding!

Ahhh! Memories! I am nothing if not nostalgic!

So to see the posts that inspired my little jog down memory lane, you can read about Stephanie vs. The Grouse (or Falcon :::wink:::) here and here and Shannon vs. The Bat


Stephanie said...

thanks for the link.

I can't believe you used to polish the tools! Sounds like a creative way to keep you busy! :) We all need those tricks up our sleeves!

Heather said...

The tool polishing was when we lived in St. Charles. We were always wanting to help Dad in the garage, so one day he obliged us. I think he told us how important it was to keep the tools clean and shiny or something like that. I can appreciate the craftiness that went into it... now anyways.

mandy said...

Don't forget sorting nails and screws into baby food jars. Oh, those were the days!!!

Samantha said...

LOL! My granddad used to do stuff like that to us, like, "Hey Sam, you wanna clean out my truck? There might be some pennies in there for ya!" I'd find like .50 worth of pennies hehehe, but back then, I was small, so .50 was gooooooooood!

Heather said...

Sam- that sounds vaguely familiar. We did the same thing to my nieces. They also liked to get in the bed of the truck with a rag and 'help' wash. Once though one of them opened the tailgate and flipped herself out of it! That was the end of that.
Mandy- I had forgotten the babyfood jars! I was probably blocking it out or something. Thanks for the refresher!