Lazy Weekend For Us.

Well the coughs and fevers are gone. Thank Goodness!

Now I just have to figure out what the heck is wrong with my stomach... Feels like I have a rock in it. It has improved over the course of the day, but its still not at 100%.

You know I'm not feeling well when it's 7 PM and this is the first time I've been on the computer today.

Besides the stomach thing, I'm having a serious case of the blahs. As I was reading my bloglines last night, I found I'm not the only one. Boomama is even suffering from it.

I decided a long nap in the recliner was just what the doctor ordered... okay maybe that was the stomach thing again, but hey, I tried.

Yesterday, we went shopping for a bike for Matthew's birthday. We've taken him a couple of times and DH and I shopped for them while Christmas shopping, but we'd had no luck so far.

We headed up to a sporting goods store north of here, but we decided to stop at Toys 'R' Us first because we had a coupon for $5 off a video game there.

Steven. Was. Amazed!

He hadn't ever been into a TRU before, but he's looked at the papers. He calls the TRU ad the "dream book". Well, he walked into the "dream store" and made it known that this was his new favorite store.

The video game on the coupon was a Charlotte's Web game. One look at it told me that it wasn't for the boys. There was very little action and it seemed... well... girly. I'm sure it is a fine game, but it just wasn't for my guys. The boys both quickly found other games they liked better, one for each of them. The total for the two came to $5 more than the Charlotte's Web game would have been after the coupon and no fighting over who gets to play it now. BONUS! Totally worth $5 to me!

Back to the bike section.

We found a great selection of bikes for Matthew there. He had a couple in his sights. There was the hideous bike that I won't name that was chunky-looking and bright yellow! I could just envision the bees following him all summer. No-thank-you!

He finally decided on the Harley Davidson bike with disk breaks and major shocks. It rides really nice and has double handle bars (you know for all the fancy tricks he'll do) and GEARS! WOW! That was a big selling point for him.

The big selling point for us was that it was a $199 bike on sale for $79! Can't beat that!

As soon as we got home, he had to ride it to Grandma and Papa's house to show it off. They said he was grinning ear-to-ear when he pulled in. He also rode to my Sister-in-law's house, but no one was home. Too bad it drizzled all day and he couldn't ride it longer.

Sorry this post isn't more exciting, but its been a lazy weekend. I hope to have more fun stories to share as the week gets into gear and the house is full of kiddos. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Rory said...

Here's hoping you feel fully recovered soon.

Nothing for a quick recovery than a trip to TRU, eh?